Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Day

It is the day that always comes around every year, a day that puts a little gray in my family's lives. 

I have written about it here and here and here

In the first posting, check out the picture of my Dad because even though Audrey basically has my husband's face in miniature, I have seen that same expression or something in her. 

For some reason I can not think of very much to say this year.  I still think a great deal about what life would be if Dad was still around.  I know he would very much enjoy his grandchildren and they would have a blast in him.

Recently I am seeing some promise of an artistic talent in Celia and most certainly my niece Katie has some talent.  That is from my Dad.  My sister and I both inherited that talent, my sister uses it more then me right now!  Audrey I think is going to have a sense of humor, which Dad was all about.  I know Audrey is fussy almost 24/7 but in between that she really wants to smile and laugh, Celia really makes her laugh. 

I have thought of my Dad a lot lately because Celia has been interested in death, since her school talked about Jesus's death at Easter.  She has had questions and they have lead to my Dad.  I answer the questions as honestly as I can but it is hard because I do not want to put unneeded fear in her little mind but at the same point I want to be honest with her.  The other day she wanted to know why he died and I told her that his heart stopped and I explained that at a certain time in his life he did not eat very well and that clogged up his heart.  That is the best I could explain it to a 3 year old.  My Dad's cardiac arrest could also have been due to genetic factors but the truth is that his diet was full of fat for many years.  I wanted to tell her something that was tangible really so that I could then tell her that Mommy and Daddy were doing their best to stay healthy so that this would not happen to them.  She knows about her Pop Pop now though, not just his death, but how he was as a father.  She will know more as she grows older.

And so Daddy, I leave you with your Grandkids

This last photo is one of those expressions that reminds me of that baby picture of my Dad, but really, my husband can never, ever deny that he is related to Audrey (not that he would want to, no matter how much she cries)

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