Friday, September 19, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

Okay so we knew that daycare would cause Celia to become sick more often and we knew that I would start to get sick more often but who knew it would happen at the same time. Oh and who know that I would be the one to get Celia sick and not daycare!! A student of mine started with this horrible cold at the end of last week, then another started getting a runny nose, then... You get the picture. So I wasn't suprised when Wednesday I had a little tickle in my throat that turned into a knife in my throat by the evening. I am glad though that it explained why on Tuesday even though I got a great night's sleep that I felt like a complete zombie.
In anycase Wednesday when Celia came home from daycare she fell asleep while nursing and couldn't be woken up. She just didn't want to and wasn't going to be disturbed. So she slept for about 45 min. and I figured it was because she didn't sleep well at daycare. That night she woke up with a very stuffy nose and by morning she had a slight fever and a very stuffy nose but was in a playful mood. So we did what great parents do, we pumped her with tylenol and sent her to daycare. Okay, okay... she was fine- dancing, playing, eating just had a 100.8 temp which is low for a baby. I had a temp of 101 and I went to work. We weren't totally awful, as I was not feeling perky at all I volunteered to be the one to take a half day. So I picked her up at noon and she was playing. She took almost a 3 hr. nap and seemed fine when she woke up except was totally pissed off at her nose (because it was so stuffy). By evening she had a 102 temp and was dragging, as was I. This cold totally sucks... no actualy it doesn't suck anything it totally does the opposite, clogs you up. I felt like someone had beat me up so I can't imagine how Celia felt. We both went to bed and woke up feeling much better except that we still have colds. Celia's fever returned this evening but just low grade for her. Pete took a half day and stayed home with Celia. So Celia got a good nap in at least.
We did decide to infect the neighbors this evening. We just thought, what would make a good birthday present for their 7 year old?? Okay, we didn't touch anyone and we tried to stay away. It is Celia's buddy Amber's birthday party so we took her gift over, visited for about 20 min. and then left Pete there. Pete had fun. Celia absolutely loves Amber. Amber came over one afternoon to deliver a package and Celia went up to her, I think gave her a hug if I remember correctly, then waved goodbye to me and was going to take off with Amber. Celia does frequently give and accept hugs from her buddy.
So what is Celia doing new?
Well her 1 year old check up stats are : 18 lbs (almost 19), 28 1/2 inches
She is making the fire engine sounds for her fire truck car
Her book of wisdom still remains a favorite toy
She loves, loves, loves clothes. No not to put on, to hold, lay on top of things, babble to, etc. I think they were her favorite birthday gift.
She has made friends at daycare, including her teacher. In fact in the morning she gets very excited when she is told it is time to go to school!

Oh and a side note. I have a friend at work that just found out today that she is not pregnant. Okay, that is sad, but in her case it is so sad. She had talked to me about her own infertility journey and it was certainly longer then my own. They have been trying for 4 years, exhausted finances, exhausted her physically, and exhausted her completely emotionally. She tried IVF a few weeks ago and was hopeful that it worked. She and I talked, I shared my symptoms of hyperstimulation and my short infertility journey. I was so hopeful for her. In anycase when she told me I started to cry, I stopped myself, but it surprised me because I am not an emotional person. She of course said that she didn't have anymore tears left and I don't know how she has gone on for 4 years. But looking on the upside, they are going to adopt. They have already gone through the process, classes, home visit etc.. Now they are on a new journey. No matter if you struggle for a month or many years, infertility is the most frustrating and emotional draining experience. In anycase, I am keeping her in my thoughts. It also really confirms my desires that we don't have to go through that the second time around whenever we decide that time is.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Parking Lot Baby Turns 1!

I can't believe that today my little tiny baby turned 1 today. This time last year she was just a few hours old. When I brought her home from daycare I told her that it was around that time that I called Daddy and said "Come home now!", he sure did and she was there about 90 min. later. I took a half day today to spend some time with Celia. It really didn't end up being that much time because she went down for her nap around 1:30 but I think it was a nice treat at least for me.

We went to the birth center after her nap to take pictures of her in the parking lot where she was born. We got some pictures of her in the birth center garden too. We had a couple curious stares and one pregnant woman stopped to find out what we were doing. So every year we are going to try to get her picture in that parking lot!

We have had quite a struggle in the past 2 weeks. I went back to work last week. Well work was complicated by the fact that our family got hit by the stomach bug. I was first, Pete was next, and Celia followed. I had to go into work late when Celia got it and come home to nurse her. I didn't mind that but I would have rather spent the day cuddling with her and letting her sleep beside me. Luckily my Mom was there to help us out. Honestly we would not have gotten through the past two weeks without my Mom. She came to watch Celia the first week I went back to work and then to help to transition Celia into daycare. She cooked and cleaned for us too!! Celia is going to miss her terribly when she goes.

Celia seems to like daycare and she is only 1 of 3, 2x a week and 1 of 4 babies the rest of the time. So it is a very good situation. I was told today that she had a great time in there splash room. She was riding a little car around and honking the horn.

How do I like my school?? Well I sobbed the first day when the kids arrived (okay, didn't do it outloud). But my students are insane. I have an amazing assistant, thank goodness. But these little ones are very bright (for being in a special ed. program outside of their regular school) but very active and stubborn. They are cute, they have that going for them. Oh boy are they cute. I have a short tubby little guy with alot of speech issues and a squeaky little voice. There is my newest student who I think saved my sanity when she came. I was dreading getting another one and she was questionable if she really fit in my room. I was picturing a low functioning student who according to the paperwork "would rather play then work" and "sits for very short periods of time". Well perhaps I got the wrong little girl. But the tiny little sweet girl that arrived is just 6 and knows her alphabet, can count, knows her numbers and colors, and sits as long as we ask her. She doesn't question doing anything. So now she is my model student, the one that I am hoping the trouble makers will follow!!

In anycase Celia has opened some gifts. Mom got her this cool shape sorter car that she loves, a doll that had to be put up because she is picking out the hair, books, babylegs, her first walking shoes, and probably other things as Mom Mom is very good to her!! She got a build a bear turtle from Aunt Vickie, Katie, Emmett, and Uncle Jack- oh and "Alice the Fairy". From Mommy and Daddy a card that plays "itsy bitsy spider", a new ball, and some clothes. We are going to get her a special toy after we find out what she gets for her b-day.

Okay enough of the rambling on...