Saturday, July 23, 2011


Celia started a new swimming program on Monday and Audrey and I just about passed out.  I grew up as a competitive swimmer and I know how hot it typically is on the stands in an indoor swimming pool, it was never that hot.  It was literally over 100 degrees.  Audrey and I had sweat pouring down with in 5 minutes, no kidding.  Celia was in her swim suit and seemed to be doing okay.  The person in charge of the program decided to talk for almost 30 minutes.  Honestly.  100s of kids were sitting with their parents in the stands and he thinks that talking for 30 minutes in that heat is ok.  I barely survived it, honestly.  I was contemplating taking Celia outside and coming back the next day when he would likely have less to say.  There was a woman with a baby sitting near me and the baby's face was beat red and he was screaming.

Not to mention I was only half paying attention to the guy in charge who as a reminder decided to talk for 30 minutes in 100 or more degrees.  When the talk was over I had to ask all these questions to the lady sitting next to me who had no idea either because she was also pouring sweat and could not pay attention. 

In anycase, Celia was eventually taken by her swim instructor and had a blast the first day.  The first day evidently was just getting to know the kids and testing things out.  I thought everything was great, she had fun and wanted to go back the next day.  Well... the next day after practice Celia greeted me with "Why did you sign me up for this, I told my teacher that I wished that you had not signed me up".  Oh..  They evidently let her go when she was floating on her back.  So the next day, same story, came in to the pool, a bit more hot and we are pouring sweat in 2 min.  But today, my child cried throughout the whole lesson, so did every other kid in her group.  But....  Celia floated on her back, moved her arms (like little birdy wings according to her) by herself.  Her teacher let her go and she made it across the width of the pool.  In 3 days of lessons, Celia was cautiously water safe.  At least safe enough to wait for someone to get to her.  

On Day 4 she started off the lesson crying but stopped once she got to the pool.  This time she jumped into the pool, flipped on her back and floated with moving her arms.   I was glad that Celia jumped in by herself because these lessons are very hard core.  If the child will not jump in by themselves, they drop them in the water.  I am not kidding.  Oh and randomly while the instructors are having the kids float on their backs, or teaching them things they will pick them up and drop them in the water.  My guess is that this is to see if they can get themselves in a safe position.  I am so very glad that I did not actually see Celia's instructor do that to her until day 5.  I know it happened on day 2, but I personally did not see it.  It is hard to see Celia's group from the stands.

I will post pictures/videos soon.  Friday Pete has a half day so I will not have Audrey who pitches a fit because she wants, wants, wants the camera.  So I might be able to get some better pictures.

So Celia may need therapy after these swimming lessons, but after 5 days of lessons, if Celia falls in a pool, she is water safe.  There is a lot to be said of that.


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