Monday, January 30, 2012

I do not know which girl I am linking this for

So am I reading this for my hyper and smart Celia or my stubborn and quiet Audrey?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We have been targeted

We have been hit by the "bug" the lovely stomach bug. On Tuesday I picked up Audrey from school and was surprised to find out that she was lethargic and just wanted to lie around all day. That is not Audrey. So I thought her awful cold certainly had turned into an infection. I got an evening dr's appointment and the dr thought that she might be getting an ear infection. Her ear was slightly pink. That surprised me as she had no signs, no fever, no tugging at her ear. She gave me a script for an antibiotic but suggested that we hold off for a couple days to see if she was getting better or worse. So I got her home, attempted to nurse her and I should have taken clues from her. She had not asked to nurse and kept popping off. I was frustrated because I did not want to be woken up multiple times at night because she was suddenly hungry. Well... She nursed some more and then vomited all over me and by all over me, I mean really all over me. I thought it was just the congestion and her reflux. Pete stayed home with her the next day and I decided that 10 days with the cold and vomiting warranted the start of an antibiotic. I did not even think that she had the bug on top of her cold. I did not even think about it until I picked up the girls on Thursday afternoon and arrived just as Celia had thrown up all over their little hideaway cube in her classroom. I found 3 of the afternoon girls distraught because no one was there to help clean up. But in their credit they did an awesome job, honestly they had my little girl changed and clean in no time and the rest of the kids were lined up away from it waiting to go to their indoor playground. Then I knew that Audrey likely had the bug too.
So Celia had a rough evening but slept well through the night. Around midnight I got hit, not as bad as Celia but certainly had it. So Celia and I cuddled and watched tv all day on Friday. She and I are still not 100% but should be set to go back to work and school tomorrow. Pete has not been hit yet and may not, he is very worried though! Celia has not been sick in so long that it was very hard to explain to her on Friday why she could not be around others or go to school. When she learned she could watch tv all day she was okay with staying home!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thinking of Him

I followed Tripp's blog from the beginning.  He touched my life and he touched many lives.  I honestly have been thinking about his Mother since I read her last post on Saturday that her precious angel received his wings.  In this circumstance Tripp is certainly in the place where he needs to be, has needed for awhile.  He is finally pain free.  But looking at my girls and holding them makes me realize that no matter what, his poor mother is crippled right now.  It is impossible not to be.  Please have her in your thoughts as she says her final goodbye to her little boy on Wednesday.  He was by far the bravest little one I have ever known.  EB is certainly the worst disease I can ever imagine.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Week

It has been a long week. Audrey started daycare last week and even though she only went for one full day, the rest were half days, she caught a cold. Every time in the past when we thought she had a cold it became clear that it was not a cold but a tooth. I assumed Monday that it was her tooth however it was clear by Tuesday morning that this was a nasty cold. If it were not just her second week I think I would have called out and curled up with her. She had no fever to speak of. So I just wrote a note for the school to call if she was fussy. I received no call all week and they said she was fine every day. But each morning and evening I had a do not put me down, crying, exhausted, snot covered Audrey. I have eaten my breakfast while juggling Audrey almost every morning. In the afternoon she has been attached to me. My shirts have snot stains, fun times. Celia has not been bad, in fact she has gone with the flow, knowing that Mommy is preoccupied a bit. Yesterday Audrey went down for a nap when we came home and she and I played dolls. She was ecstatic about that. Then I went to check on dinner and she decided to play in Audrey's room. No reason why, but of course Audrey woke up!
School.... Well lots of things happening. Honestly I do not remember ever having this much on my plate while teaching. I can not say that I am overly stressed, I should be, but I am not. I am frustrated more or less. I would love to just plan fun lessons, creative teaching activities, etc but paperwork, meetings, data collection, etc are all the priority. Somewhere along the way in Special Education, teaching has been forgotten. Honestly. The requirements are such that if you followed them your actual instruction would come last. Craziness.

In any case I am glad the week is done and I have an extra day with my girls. I have lots of school work to get done too but I will see what happens.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Women in Training

Celia is cleaning and evidently Audrey is supervisor. 
Do you notice the purse in her hand?

There Mom does not wear make up and rarely carries a purse.  So both of them will have to rely on others for that model.  The cleaning however, as you can see, I must do at least a little as Celia is pretty good!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pretend Play

Audrey is very into pretend play lately and I think it is sweet.  She loves to pretend to feed someone and has even been trying to feed her baby dolls.

By the way that is Celia's "pink" baby. She gave it to Audrey.

I never thought I would see a time where Celia didn't have

either pink or blue baby in her possession. But they are now

Audrey's favorite dolls, with the exception of her soft baby doll that she

sleeps with. She has received many new dolls, but nothing competes

with Celia's dolls. Maybe she feels the love!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Things I'm in Love with Today

My Sister's gifts to the girls arrived today.  I requested a Matilda Jane type dress for Celia.
Well she made one for each of them.  I would never pay the price for a Matilda Jane Dress.   Julie,  if you read this, some of them go for $130 each- no kidding.  Have we spent that much total on our kid's clothes??

 Can you say amazing???  I am going to have to take pictures with it on Celia. 
She loves the dress but there is no way she is wearing this to school.  This will be a you wear when Mommy can watch what you are doing and hit you with the stain stick the minute something gets on you dress.  Okay, I will relax on that after a bit, eventually.
Can you say Cute!!!  Celia did this in school and was very proud, as she should be

Oh and today I also got Audrey's flips trainers.  Aren't these sweet? 
They are going to be put away in her room until the summer when I attempt potty training. 
Celia was so easy to train, she started the process her self around 17 months. 
We will see with Ms. Audrey!

Audrey loves to sit in laps.  She loves it! 
On Christmas day, Pete and I were in the kitchen cleaning up
and Audrey toddled into the living room and found a lap to sit!
Celia thought it was hilarious.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year in Pictures

Highlights, I am getting about 2 hours of sleep
Celia is enjoying a lot of tv time as Mommy is barely coherent
Audrey is rolling over

Celia is having a blast in Ms Donna's room and Mommy is still not sleeping more then two hours
Audrey is becoming more mobile, however she is handful x 2
We take a trip to Virginia to celebrate Emmett and Katie's birthday

So still no sleep
Celia switches to 3 half days a week at school

Mommy and Celia are having a good time with crafts and preschool activities
Audrey is still a mega handful and not sleeping very well

Audrey is sitting up very well and we see more personality from her this month
Celia is her crazy little self and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather

They start to play together and Audrey
Audrey is army crawling all over but the reflux picks up again this month and we have some rough weeks

The cousins get together
Katie comes for a visit
Celia has her swimming bootcamp and Audrey and I bake in the pool area!!

Celia goes to vacation bible school
We have a blast at the beach until we are evacuated the second week due to the Hurricane
We also felt the earthquake
We road out the Hurricane at Mom Mom's house

Celia turned 4
We had fun with some messy crafts!
She had a great but small birthday party
Audrey takes her first steps this month

Audrey was a turtle and Celia was a ballerina for Halloween
Audrey is sleeping much better, about time!!

My baby girl turns one! 
We have a good last few weeks of Mommy home, lots of Longwood visits
Mommy goes back to work at the end of the Month

Mom Mom comes to help us out, she is a huge help!
Audrey enjoys her time with Mom Mom
Celia tests the water a bit this month and is over the top excited for Christmas
Our Christmas is very nice and Celia is very grateful for her gifts