Friday, October 15, 2010

Celia's 3 Year Old Check Up

Okay Celia's stats:

Weight 31 1/2 lbs (so 32)- average
Height 36 inches- short (20%)
Blood Pressure: 100/68 (Average is 105/60)- I don't think she is hypertensive, however she causes it

Concerns from the Dr- that she might not be able to express her needs effectively with language- that was a complete Joke.  Celia wouldn't let the Dr. talk for the first 5 minutes.  She told him about visiting the Dentist in August, that she took her green toothbrush on vacation to the beach and the green toothbrush is buddies with her purple toothbrush.  She told him that Daddy likes him best out of all the doctors and that they talked about him.  She told him a bit about school, sung the ABC song (upon his request), told him that she threw her diaper at me when I was making her wear them at night.  She said that she didn't need them anymore but that I kept making her wear them.  Okay, didn't realize she was bitter about that!!  How would have thought that at age 2 she didn't need her cloth diaper at night, but she will get over that.  So absolutely no concerns on the language department at all.  He said her language skills are far advanced- I know that but it is always nice to hear!! 

Actualy there are no concerns at all!!   No shots were required so that was nice.   Honestly, shots are so much easier now that she is older.  I had to tell her that I really didn't know if she needed a shot or not prior to the visit.  She was actualy okay with that!  Of course once I told her the good news she was ecstactic.  So overall a good physical appointment.  I am sure we will have her in there soon enough again, the cold/viral season isn't yet upon us.

So Pete and I decided that Celia needed more activity- we put her to work helping with lawn work.  Okay kidding.  That is at a local Garden that my Father In Law gave us a membership too last year.  Celia and I have been there so much starting last Spring and then in the Summer, and now in the Fall I think we have already been at least 3 or 4 times even since School started.  We love it!!  They had an awesome Pumpkin and haystack exhibit for the kids.  Celia also loves the train display.  Here are some more pictures.

The following are images of her reaction to the trains- mesmorized!!  We went one day and it was raining and the big trains were not out, just a little Thomas train.  Well she was so excited to see the big trains out this time.

 You can't see it very well, but this is her super serious face

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Afternoon

Honestly have you ever seen anything more gorgeous??

We spent most of this afternoon (that is when we got home from school) outside playing with a ball and this box.  It was fun and Celia did not want to come in.  So she hung out some more on the deck with the box while I started dinner (kitchen is connected to the deck, don't worry I had my eye on her)

Celia insisted I take a picture of the sun, here it is.  Maybe she wanted evidence that it existed- we have had over a week of rain and clouds.