Monday, September 28, 2015

New York

We took Celia to New York two weekends ago as part of her birthday gift.  It was a great time.  It is so neat to be doing more things like this now that she is older.

We got a great view of the city on our way home

Celia was impressed with the crowded time square.
She was not impressed with the Minnie Mouse that tried to hug her without her permission.
The characters try to get pictures with children (or adults) and then you have to pay them.
We were all not interested!

We took the subway to Ground Zero.
It was nice for Celia to experience the subway and it also gave us a break to sit down.
We did a ton of walking.  Ground Zero was impressive.  I am not sure it was really meaningful to Celia, but she was polite and took it in a bit.

While we were there she held up this cube, ha!

This is a little snippet of the Lego store.  It was very small but Celia loved every bit of it.
There was a big dragon coming out of the wall all made of legos of course.

We loved Bryant park.
There was a carousel that had $3 rides so we treated Celia.
We then played games.  They have a cart with an attendant that will lend out games for you to play.
It is completely free and an amazing idea.  Celia and Pete played connect four and then we all played UNO.  I was impressed with the variety of different games.

This is the Library Lion statue, or at least we are calling it that.
We toured the NYC public library and Celia was highly impressed.
It took us awhile to find the children's section but we did and they had Lions made out of legos on display.  The library was closing otherwise we would have explored the children section.  But we just took a peek.

It was a great trip!  We hope to have many more little trips as Celia (and Audrey) get older.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New York preview

Today, took the big girl on a trip to New York for her birthday.  Pete's company had a bus going to New York and we thought it would be a great trip for her.  We left Audrey with her grandparents.  She told me that she was going to Grandma and Grandpas and Celia was going to be bored.  I explained our plans for New York and that is what she felt about the idea!!  She has evidently had a blast on her little vacation.

So one of our first stops was to the Toys R Us
I am not sure who liked the store better, Pete or Celia.
It was very impressive

Our big stop of the day was the American Girl Doll Store
Celia enjoyed looking all around and Pete said it was torture

Quite honestly, it was not as interesting as I thought it was going to be..

This store impressed us a ton

We took the subway to see the World Trade center memorial

I think she had a very good day.

When we arrived home, Maryellen was there to greet her.
Was that perfect timing or what???
It was not even parent created, it was actually delivered today, 2 days earlier then expected.

More to come

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This and That, really Celia

So I realized that I did not post a picture of Celia's birthday cake or anything about her birthday celebration.  But first, going to go in order of the pictures loaded onto blogger.

Little girl is taking gymnastics and she loves it.
She is the blondy in fruit in the black and pink leotard

Picture day happened and she is super into posing

This was her book cake I made for her first little party with her best buddy Vanessa.
She wanted a sleep over and I am not a huge fan of sleepovers for 8 year olds.
So we compromised with a late night.  They got to stay up until 9 pm!!!

The book cake I made for her family/close friends party

See the library card???

Flashback photo I found.  Blurry, but itty bitty curly mopped Celia!!!

She is actually taking fencing classes now. She loved the first class, so watch out.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Parking Lot baby turns 8










Saturday, September 5, 2015


Can you believe this peanut
That was born in the parking lot

Is 8 today??

You have had some changes this year.
We moved into a new house (more room for dance parties)

You said goodbye to a school you loved
You started at a new school and you love it

You lost some teeth, some easily, others pulled

Changes that for the most part you have handled with grace
This change in school was big
You told me after the first day that your old school, though you loved it, was
one thumbs up and that this one is two thumbs up.

You have a best friend that we all love
We need to as she looks like she should be your sister
Vanessa has helped ease the transition to a new school

You are sweet, amazing, and the brightest little 8 year old I know.
Here's to year 8 baby girl.