Saturday, July 2, 2011


PreAudrey, summers were always filled with various projects.  I always had productive summers, something major was accomplished.  Last summer I organized the whole house, literally sorted through all the closets and drawers.  Funny, you would never know that now!  I painted Celias room and my neighbor helped me (okay, I basically watched) put a chair rail up. 

I thought that this summer, or prior to it that I would have been able to get other projects done.  I atleast wanted to finish Celia's room- put some shelves up,pictures, etc.  That has not happened.  I am lucky to get time to wipe a counter top down or dust for 5 seconds some days.  Audrey is 24/7 and when she isn't, I am so tired that I need to rest.  Don't get me wrong, the things that need to get done get done, but beyond that it does not happen.  I have actually begun to love my cloth diaper laundry, for the simple fact that I feel like I accomplished something!  With regular laundry, sometimes I do not get to the folding part until the last moment it seems, it gets done in the same day, but it just becomes such a chore.  Sometimes that laundry is put away with a screaming baby hanging out beside me.  But my diapers, well, they require less time and they go in one drawer, much less complicated... I am crazy.

But I have been finding that I am changing a bit.  Audrey likes to go out, she has made that very clear.  So if I plan trips to places each day, I save my sanity, Audrey is happy, and Celia has fun.  The main thing that I enjoy is spending time with my girls and not having to worry about what needs to be done around the house.   For now, my house is just going to have to be.  Soon I will be able to focus on it more, but it isn't worth the stress.  Of course, when it does get clean I feel this wave of relief wash over me.  My husband does not understand.  Honestly.  Is it a guy thing??  He seems to be blind to messes or dirt.  But yesterday he did clean the bathrooms for me and oh my goodness, that was awesome.  If he could do that on a regular basis, that would eliminate so much stress. 

So as far as productivity goes, right now it is making the two girls happy and surviving.  Audrey is throwing in longer naps here and there so things might be looking up.  The poor girl now has some more GI issues (a constipation related issue) related to solids and her reflux meds, so we are off them for a few days and then will start back with lots of water to go with the solids.  She has it rough.

Oh a bright note my niece is here for the week and Celia is very much enjoying the company and I am enjoying someone else to entertain her!  We have some fun places to take Katie while she is here.


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