Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Audrey

 We often don't know what you will come up with at any moment as you live to be silly (at home)

Fluffy is your best buddy and your constant companion.
Your sister is a very close second and the feeling is so mutual, the two of you are best friends.
You love animals with a strong passion and have a ton of animal facts available when needed.

You are a character but you are still shy in most places.
At school you are talking more but still very quiet.
Your teacher says you are very sweet and respectful at school. 

We get glimpses of a serious Audrey

Then this...

You begged me about a million times to put the Christmas tree up.
So it was up for your birthday this year.

Audrey, if we only knew the screaming little baby that gave us all sleepless nights and a couple years of frustration would give us this amazing little girl we likely wouldn't have minded the wait.
You are a happy, fun, and silly ball of energy.
Here's to another year.  I only ask that your legs don't grow quite so fast as we are running out of pants!!  Love you sweet girl.