Sunday, July 10, 2011

We were so close

A few weeks ago I was at our friend's beach house.  We were hanging out at the pool and talking about various things.  Suddenly her 9 year old daughter and Celia's best buddy came up to us and said "Do you know Celia wants to be a pirate when she grows up?"  I just shrugged and sadly admitted that I did indeed.

We talked about various things awhile later, after finding out that at one point that daughter wanted to be a vet by day and a part time balloon animal clown at night.  She still wants to be a vet.  We started talking about school and the fact that my friend has told her daughter that if she wants to be a vet and get into a good college then she really needs to study and learn as much as she can.  At 9, she is more then willing to do that. 

I was quick to respond that Celia is hit or miss with doing "school work" but that I really have nothing to be worried about, since she is going to be a pirate.  In fact it is a big relief because there is no cost to educating a pirate really.

We were so close to that financial freedom until today.... Celia and I were talking about the last space shuttle launch and I had to get into great detail about some things and we talked about scientists.  Well my pirate now wants to be a Scientist.  With her math genetics, she needs to get going on studying now!

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