Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two Week Menu

Writing this on my blog has really helped me have a reference for my recipes.  So even though very few people are reading it, at least it is helping me!!

Sunday- Falafel- I will let you know how this works out.  Evidently it needs to go with some yogurt cucumber sauce.  I am not a cucumber fan but am going to give it a try.
Monday- White Bean Stew (frozen)
Tuesday- Pork Chops- likely just baked with a simple sauce on top
Wednesday- Spaghetti and Turkey meatballs ( I really want to start making my own meatballs)
Thursday- Wegmans Barbecue Brown Sugar Marinated chicken breasts
Friday and Sat- Perogies/ out- not sure which we are doing on either day
Sunday- Whole chicken- cooked either in crockpot or oven (simple garlic, in variety of herbs)
Monday- Crescent Chicken- okay so not super low fat but we do not eat this type of food often
Tuesday- Blue Cheese Meatloaf- (freezer)
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- Raviolis
I forgot.  We are headed out of town for the weekend for my niece and nephews birthdays.  Ultimately though on this weekend it either snows or someone gets sick- so here is my back up plan!!!
Friday or Sat- Taco Soup
Sunday- Lasagna- I make a really good non-crockpot lasagna, but I have tried anything like this in the crockpot yet.

Muffins for breakfast

So as I look at it, I am not completely clear about some meals.  I am just not as into the meal planning for the next two weeks.  I need to have a freezer weekend!  I have my menu folder and two cookbooks around me and really I didn't go exploring. 

I would like to do a Meatless March dinners but Pete is absolutely kicking and screaming about it.  But I think it would be fun to try.  Celia for the most part turns up her nose at meat at home (for some reason, she will eat it in her lunch at school- you know the same meat the night before that she wouldn't touch).  Who knows if we will do it.  Oh and I am also looking for some recipes for granola bars/ cereal bars.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another diaper giveaway

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves is having a giveaway of bummis diaper kit.  It is loaded with stuff and retails for $169.  Check it out if you are into cloth diapering and yes by blogging this gets me an extra entry!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

She stuck her dress down the toilet- again- updated

Update- so I talked to her teacher this morning and the dress was actualy an accident!!!  I am keeping the post as is though because.  She has stuck clothes in their toilet before and because Celia told me it wasn't an accident (she isn't always reliable).  She didn't however have a good day though, forgot those listening ears and that she is not in charge.  We will see how today goes.

Yes that is right.  This wasn't at home, this was at school and yes she has done this before!!  I arrived to pick Celia up today and I saw her in a different shirt, I sort of knew that wasn't a good sign.  So Miss. Maryanne- the college girl that takes care of Celia in the afternoon- told me that Celia put her dress in the toilet as she was pooping in the toilet/after she did it.  She wasn't sure why, she knew it wasn't an accident.  The note from Celia's teacher didn't indicate that it was an accident.  Celia's explanation to me later indicated that she didn't like what Miss. Holli said to her.  She also evidently did not want to help to clean up so they wouldn't let her eat her yogurt (they use that as a reward sometimes with her, don't worry I pack her plenty for lunch).  She evidently didn't care about consequences today.  That is my sweet, sweet, little girl.  This one..

She isn't always perfect for us, but she sure doesn't act like that at home.  I am sorry for her teacher and I do follow through at home when she has days like this.  I work with students who all have behavior issues and I am trained to deal with these issues.  So my daughter should be perfectly behaved at school, that is my theory.  On days like this I think that I should make her a picture schedule for school, get her a reward chart, and track her progress.  But... you don't do that with a normal 2 year old do you? 
Look at her, she is so cute, so much easier when she didn't think that she could do everything. 


So she is mine, all mine.  I love her spunk.  I love that when I asked her if she made good choices today, her response was "Well, probably, no".  But she was still happy as could be.  I let her know that we were not watching Handy Manny today because of her behavior- she already knew that.  Her response was "Cause I put my dress in the toilet?" Oh and the dress, the dress.  My Mom can guess which dress it was.  It is a dress that I liked when I picked it out for $1 at a church sale but as Celia wanted to wear it every chance she can, I don't like it as much.  So that dress might be hidden for awhile.   When we came home, we practiced her cutting.  She is doing amazingly at cutting, without very much practice.  Her little hand was getting tired by the evening but she made Daddy some book marks.  She made Miss. Donna a house and cut on the lines, almost perfectly. She loves it.  Amazing.  But my little arts and crafts diva will not be using her scissors tomorrow if she has another day like this...

Amazing.  But she stuck her dress down the toilet- again.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diaper Review- Bumgenius 3.0

A review of Bumgenius 3.0.  If I do reviews of diapers sold at Diaper Junction I can get another entry into their giveaway.  But I am also doing this because I really want my sister in law to cloth diaper (I want to turn someone else to the cloth diapering world) and I think some reviews might explain the different diapers.  Celia has been daytrained for almost a year and I am almost sad that I have no reason to buy some cute diapers anymore however, I am searching sales to start up my sister-in-law!!  So periodically I might post some about specific diapers.

When I first started cloth diapering I researched it extensively, there are so many different options.  Getting into cloth diapering is expensive upfront so I didn't want to waste my money on things that don't work.  But honestly along the way you do have things that you don't like and then you just sell them for almost what you paid!  In anycase I got a thirsties fab fitted with a thirsties cover and then a 3 pack of BG-3.0. 

They are pocket diapers. 

Pocket diapers typically have a flap in the back that you stuff with a microfiber/hemp insert.  Bumgenius diapers come with an absorbant microfiber insert- a onesize insert and a smaller doubler/infant insert.  So after I wash them I sit on the couch while vegging and stuff diapers!  It isn't a big deal.  You have to take the insert out prior to washing them but I have never found it to be a big deal.  By having the insert removeable, it cuts drying time down.

The insert looks like the above and snaps for different sizes.  The bumgenius fits about 8lbs and up.  Celia started wearing bumgenius when she was likely around 12lbs and still can fit into them.   They have held up very well and they are by far my favorite diaper.  At night now Celia only wears bumgenius.  I packed the rest of her diapers away, and we rotate between about 10 bumgenius so that we don't wear them all out.  I probably own about 20 bumgenius, just guessing.  I bought quite a few so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting diapers washed and stuffed for daycare. 

They are super daddy, babysitter, and daycare friendly.  For daycare, I just sent them in and they put the dirty ones in a wetbag.  I then unstuffed them when I got home.  I made my own fleece liners to deal with the poop. 

You put them in by securing them just like a disposable diaper, but you are using velcro! 

Easy to use
Contain absolutely anything (trust me Celia has put them to the test)
One-size, truely one-size
Come in a variety of colors
Daddy friendly

Pricier then some diaper options (I have to add a but, they last through toddlerhood)
Have been told that the elastic wears out (not experienced this yet though and it can be replaced)
You have to stuff the inserts

Honestly I really love them.

Next review will be for a thirsties product.

How I was Born, by Celia

Mat Man

For those of you familiar with Handwriting without Tears, there is a song that goes with it- Mat Man.  Celia and I have been doing Mat Man a few times a week.  I am also trying to teach her some handwriting skills.  She can do big line down and little line across, as well as a circle.  But here is Mat Man building in pictures.  As you can see from the pictures, I am sad to report that I think the curls are gone.  It surprises me because she has two parents with curly hair.  But it will be thicker and it is still cute.

This is to the tune of "The Bear Went over The Mountain"

Mat Man has one head one head one head, Mat Man has one head, so that he can think

Mat Man has 2 eyes, 2 eyes, 2 eyes, Mat Man has 2 eyes so that he can see

Mat Man has 1 nose, 1 nose, 1 nose, Mat Man has 1 nose so that he can smell

Mat Man has 1 mouth, 1 mouth, 1 mouth, Mat Man has 1 mouth so that he can eat

Mat Man has 2 ears, 2 ears, 2 ears, Mat Man has 2 ears so that he can hear

Mat Man has 1 body, 1 body, 1 body, Mat Man has 1 body to hold what is inside

Mat Man has 2 arms, 2 arms, 2 arms, Mat Man has 2 arms so that he can reach
Mat Man has 2 hands, 2 hands, 2 hands, Mat Man has 2 hands so that he can clap

Mat man has 2 legs, 2 legs, 2 legs, Mat man has 2 legs so that he can stand
Mat Man has 2 feet, 2 feet, 2 feet, Mat Man has 2 feet so that he can walk

Celia does most of this by herself, I do one leg and arm, she does the other.  She can do the head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body without help!  We have fun.

She is so amazing

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 Week Menu

Sunday- A Turkey- one I got cheap from Thanksgiving.  I put onions, celery, sage, and garlic in the cavity.  I then loosened the skin and put in a butter, marjoram, sage, and pepper mixture. It turned out well.  We had it with some roasted potatoes- rosemary, olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper. Oh and green beans.

Monday- Barbeque Meatloaf that my Mom made.

Tuesday- Turkey Sandwiches

Wednesday- Butternut Squash soup- from the freezer

Thursday- Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs

Friday- Eggs and Toast (honestly one of my favorite meals sometimes!)

Saturday- Freezer Item/ Out

Sunday- Hirino Psito (looking to adapt this for a cheaper and lower fat cut of meat)

Monday- Plum Island Clam Chowder- in freezer

Tuesday- Turkey Tacos

Wednesday- Mexicali Turkey Skillet Casserole (If anyone wants the recipe, I will provide)

Thursday-  Leftovers/ Freezer meal

Friday- Eat out/ Raviolis

Saturday-  If didn't eat out last night, out tonight, if did then Raviolis

Sunday- Falafel- in the crockpot, it is in her cookbook but I can't find it on her website.  That will be a unique meal for us, something different.

Nothing exciting!

Friday, January 15, 2010

School Days

Today, I am still miss my baby Celia's ringlets.  She is cute, I can see her face more, but I am scared we might not get the ringlets back.  I will adjust though.  When I first started cloth diapering, I really had second thoughts because it gave her this big bubble butt.  I almost stopped because of it, I missed how she looked.  But then, I got used to it, and after a short while I couldn't imagine her without the bubble butt.  Now of course I only see the bubble butt when she wears her cloth diapers at night.  So I suppose it is the same deal with her hair.  Fortunately I know that my Mother-in-law is going to oh and aw over how cute she is tomorrow, that will make me feel a little better.  Then my Mom will also comment on how cute she is and I will feel a little better then too.

Okay school.  Christmas break refreshed me, it really did.  I came back to work in a better mood, and I needed that because we have had a very hard two weeks.  I have a student that has had severe behavioral difficulties.  These difficulties started a few months ago and I was frustrated because I kept hearing from others that he had never acted like this in the past.  I now have heard otherwise from others, but it doesn't seem like he has acted this bad for this long.  I viewed it as, well I must be doing something wrong.  But the truth is, these behaviors I now realize have no reflection on me as a teacher.  They are usualy at their worst on Mondays and he is great by Friday.  There are other signs that something is happening at home.  What is a reflection on me as a teacher is how I respond to these behaviors.  I have never dealt with a child this age, with this high of a cognitive leve, with these type of behaviors.  I reached out to our behaviorists and I have been working with them and developing my own strategies.  I am proud of my amazing assistants for hanging in there too.  It has been a difficult few weeks but maybe empowering.  I now understand him a lot more, I should I have spent almost all day by his side somedays!  Many of us have been hit and spit at (right in our face).  I have been called all sorts of lovely words.
This is a work in progress and I am not sure what the next few months are going to be like, he could go eitherway.  For the first time I am in a school that supports their teachers when there are behavior issues.  When I taught Multiple Disabilities, basically if you had behavior issues, you were on your own.  It did not matter if you had a student that knocked over bookshelves, punched you, bit you, etc... You just had to deal. 
I am not enjoying the fact that my other students are suffering with all that is going on.  But I feel like I have learned a great deal in the past two weeks.  I have always enjoyed trying to figure out solutions to behavior issues.  I am also not enjoying the exhaustion that comes with it- emotionally and physically.  But we will get through it!

So now we have a long weekend and on Tuesday my student will come in ready to cause trouble and I will be armed with a little more knowledge of the situation.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I asked for a little length off and the hairdresser, who was extremly nice, cut off a lot.  It looks great, but I miss her ringlets!!  Hopefully when it gets just a little more length the ringlets will return.  It is definately still trying to curl, just too short for her large ringlets.  I am sad, I didn't want that much off.  But she won't let me put anything in her hair so we had to do something.  But oh I miss those ringlets.



 The last picture is how it initially looked and now it is laying more flat which gets me upset, it was so cute.  It is still cute and I will get used to it.  It is what my Mom has been wanting me to do!! So here you go Mom Mom!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Introducing my one less tooth niece

My soon to be 7 year old niece lost her first tooth.  She is super excited and evidently the tooth fairy visited her last night, but I haven't found out the details as of yet.  Her soon to be 3 year old brother was told about and his response was "what??".  Like, I just got these and you mean they fall out???  I told Celia and she stopped dead in her tracks and had a similar response.  Actualy her initialy response was to giggle and say "Mommy your silly, Katie didn't toot".  No, she lost her tooth Celia.  "Why?  She needs to find it and put it back."  I thought about how I was going to explain this and really went into great detail about baby teeth, grown up teeth, big kids, etc.  Celia's eyes glazed over with boredom and said "She has no tooth?"  I said she'll get another one there soon.  I expected some more questions, she said "Oh" and went about her business.  So that was that.  Here she is.

My little one is going through this phase of made up stories, she is just 2, I didn't think this started that early.  So when she has stories from school, I am not so sure if they are reall or fake.  When I picked her up today we discussed her day.  I asked her what she did in Splash room (indoor playground at their school).  She said "Oh, I bought some icecream".  I figured she was pretend playing in the room.  Well it extended further.  "Mommy, I am eating it right now.  I have vanilla icecream with sprinkles.  Red, white, blue...sprinkles."  It continued.  "Oh and I have some gum too Mommy".  Oh.  She has made up many things including telling me one day that the college student that comes in the afternoon was sent home by the director due to a really bad rash.  She even explained that she had to go home and see a nurse, but she will be okay, and be back the next day.  Well I asked Ms. Maryanne about this today and she laughed.  She said that she would have really freaked out if she had a rash bad enough to be sent home!  The way Celia explained it to me it was as if an adult had told her this.  But can you believe these conversations are coming from a not quite 2 1/2 year old??

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Goals

You can read what I wrote last year here

Some people make goals for the New Year and some people don't.  I tried to last year and I accomplished part of them I suppose.  I can't say that I am really dissapointed though that I didn't accomplish everything.  It has been a very hard year for us so I think that I can cut myself a break.

But I suppose that goals for this year will be simple and if I don't accomplish them again, it is fine.  They are just things to think about. 

I want to find something that I can do for myself on some weekends.  I am not going to coach for team in training anymore and so I have my weekends free.  That is weird, after all these years.  I took off this season and was only going to do the Summer team that trains from Feb to late June but they eliminated the walk team.  So getting the house in shape and a variety of things.  But I need to find some weekends in which I take a Sat. and just dissappear for awhile, either going out for a 15 mile or more walk or doing something else. 

I want to learn to knit and make one item

I want to go on more dates with Pete (I am not setting a number this time!)

I want to finally find a way to organize my house to my liking- okay, I am even laughing about that, not going to happen, but going to give it a try!!!

I am sure that other things will pop up in my head but for now that is it.  I could include something to do with Celia but for now I think that things are good with us.  I spend as much time as I can with her.  We bake, play, and veg together.  I of course would love to find more activities to do with her but at this age, I think it is just important to spend time with them.  Unfortunately I am gone during the day but I try to make up for it at other times!!!

What am I hopeful for?  Things are of course promising.  I am looking forward to seeing Celia grow even more.  We are looking forward to meeting a new niece or nephew (Pete's sister) in June.  2010 has to be better then 2009, I know it will be.

So what are your hopes or ambitions for 2010?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celias 2009

January 2009- It started with RSV!  You were so very sick.

February 2009- Your sense of humor is really getting to be fun! 

March 2009- Your first haircut, you didn't like it. 

April 2009- A trip to Longwood and you are potty trained at home (you did this yourself!)

May 2009- My little chatterbox, is showing some "two" behaviors

June 2009- Can you see the "tude" in the picture.  You are two, even though your birthday hasn't arrived yet, you are two!  But you are so much fun.  We were so sad to say Goodbye to your first teacher Miss. Jen at the end of the month!  But Mommy was happy to have you for the summer!!

July 2009-  We spent alot of time walking outside looking for bunnies.  Oh we also went on long walks with the BOB.  But you loved to sit out on our stoop early in the morning and look for your bunnies. Oh we also had a great time with a visit from cousin Katie!!

August 2009- Our trip to the Outerbanks.  You were watching Daddy fish.  You were not a fan of the water, but you will be when you are older- it is in your blood!  You had a great time with Mom Mom and you also had fun with your cousins in Virginia. 

September 2009-  Happy Birthday my sweet girl, you turned 2.  I couldn't believe it.  I also couldn't believe the summer was done and we were parting ways yet again.

October 2009- Halloween was fun with you this year.  The weather was yucky- humid and rainy at the end.  But you had so much fun.

November 2009- I didn't have any true Thanksgiving pictures of you, but this one is so funny.  We are having fun with you but you are trying us.  Your speech is absolutely amazing!!

December 2009- This Christmas was fun.  You had a blast with your Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, and Paw Paw in Lancaster.  You then had an amazing time with Mom Mom, your cousins, and Aunt Vickie and Uncle Jack in Virginia.  You really love playing with your cousin Katie and despite the age difference, Katie enjoys playing with you too!!  I hope that continues.  You like Emmett too, but Katie is just too interesting right now.  Plus you think you are 6. 

What a year sweet girl!!

Win some $300 at Diaper Junction

I get an extra entry if I write about this!

So go here if you want to learn more about it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Week Menu

Okay here is my first Two Week Menu for 2010

Sat- Chicken Soup (I hate canned chicken soup with a passion, but homemade is okay- we are still in recovery, even Celia's appetite isn't 100%)
Sun- Salsa Chicken
Mon- Potpie (in freezer)
Tues- Pork Tenderloin- going to decide on the marinade, that day
Wed- Spaghetti
Thurs- Leftovers
Fri- Eggs and Toast
Sat- out/ order in/

Sun- Blue Cheese and Cherry Meatloaf (I made this on Christmas eve and it was so yummy)
Mon- Pork Chops- with a Jam and balsamic vinegar marinade
Wed- Plum Island Clam chowder(in freezer)
Thurs- Leftovers
Frid- Calzones (in freezer)
Sat- Perogies/Out

How we spent the last day of 2009

He came to visit.  The dreaded stomach bug.  Around midnight, Thursday morning Celia started throwing up.  Then Pete followed a few hours later, and yes I followed a couple hours later.  Celia had about 4 rounds of throwing up and woke up like nothing happened.  She was hungry!  It would have been nice if that was how we recovered.  Pete was over the worst of things (no not over it, just the absolute kick you in the butt, drag you around by your hair part) by 9:00.  At that point I had been dealing with Celia while throwing up in the bathroom and trying to lie down.  The last straw for me happened when I was in the middle of a puke and Celia is trying to drag me away to let her know which shirt- among two choices- she should wear.  She did give up and then tried to put on one of the shirts and got caught in it.  So I screamed for Pete.  We switched off and on, with Pete more on- with Celia during the day.  Thankfully he was able to put her down for her nap and bedtime and feed her.  I took her a few times but as I was still throwing up until the afternoon and just not up to even moving at times, I was off duty for most of the day.  

So 2009 when out with a puking bang.  The bug hit quite a few- My mom, niece, and nephew too.  Today will only tell if my sister and brother in law were hit by it too.  I sure hope not.  This was absolutely awful.

So today we are in recovery, trying to clean up and do a little more with Celia.  Her freedom yesterday went to her head a bit unfortunately!