Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to do when you fall off the ladder..

Celia was at the playground today and missed a rung on a ladder and fell hard on her bottom.  I knew the cry was very different and I did a mad dash for her.  I should mention that I never sit down at the park until this day and perhaps I never will again!!!  She had been up this ladder a dozen times without an issue.  Well when she landed on her bottom she evidently stuck her teeth straight through her lip and out the skin underneath her lip.  I didn't know that at the time though.  I rushed to get some wipes to see what the damage was and no thanks to any adult hanging around the playground, I had to struggle to open my purse and find them while blood was pouring into my hand covering Celia's lip.  No one asked if I needed help or if she was okay.  My niece Katie was with us and she was actualy the one who asked why no one was helping!!

In anycase we got the wipes and Celia calmed down a bit.  I thought that the cut underneath her lip was caused by teeth going on the outside, sort of biting down- I never thought that she bit straight through!!  But the cut under lip kept opening everytime she moved her lip so I thought a call to her Dr's office would be a good idea.  So to my surprise the nurse directed us to the ER.  Reluctantly I called Pete to come home and meet us at the ER, thinking this was sort of over the top as the cut was barely bleeding now.  But off we went and when we got there, she tilted back her head and I saw that it was a bit deeper then I thought and it entered my mind that maybe it was all the way through!  A nurse confirmed it and then we waited, and waited, and waited.

Pete took Katie out to eat and home. Celia was awesome in the waiting room, absolutely awesome.  It still made me think that we would get back to the ER and they would just send us home.  No such luck, stitches were needed.  The Dr was awesome.  She totally understood that Celia did well if things were explained to her, with they were good things or bad things!  So she told Celia that the first part was going to hurt, that she would get a shot and then no more pain.  So Celia lay beside me, a nurse held her head gently and I hugged her arms just in case- but there was evidently no need for that as she was so good.  She got the shot of numbing medicine, cried with the pain and got a hug from Mommy.  She then laid back down and let them finish cleaning her and then came the stitches.  Everything on the suture tray was explained and Celia was okay with things.  She lay still as they stitched her and only when the Dr had to pinch her gum a little did she cry a little- you can't blame her!!  It wasn't until after everything was done that she lost it some.  She calmed down though, hugged the towel that they had draped on her- told me she loved her towel- and ate a popsicle.    I should also mention that Ms. Chatty was not her typical shy self at first- Celia is shy at first usualy.  She told everyone what happened and how it happened, it had some fun conversations.  Everyone was amazed at her language skills and how responsive she is, I am amazed too.

I am more amazed at how brave she was, I can't say that if I had to get stitches that I would be that brave.  So home we went, she had some yogurt and applesauce and Daddy put her to bed.  My little trooper.  She amazes me everyday. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Time and The Piggies are Out

Celia kept her Piggy Tails in for the whole BOB (stroller) ride to her "camp" (school) today. 
She is soooo cute!!!

Oh and since I keep getting this question over and over again, our Level 2 Ultrasound in which they can find out the gender is on July 6.  However this doesn't mean that the little squirt will cooperate!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pictures, Attempt at a Belly Picture

Okay, I need to wear a tight shirt for my belly pictures.  I have a belly, all be it not that big, but it is there.  If you know me, you know that there is a difference.  So here is the two attempts at a belly picture, I am 18 weeks.

Here are some Celia shots!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pictures of our newest additions

Hee, hee, no I am not having twins.  It is pictures of our newest purchases!

First, Celia's feet finally grew.  Seriously, have you ever heard of a 2 year old that goes from Sept to June in the same shoes??  Well we did it, then her feet grew- they grew from a 7 to 7 1/2 but I actualy bought her all 8s anticipating some more growth.

Last weekend was actualy a girls weekend because Pete was away and Celia and I had a blast, honestly.  We played in the morning then went shopping for shoes for a bit.  We got the buster borns (pink sneaker sandals) and the pink sandals.  I got awesome deals, really awesome deals.    She definately needed sneakers but I couldn't find anything I liked and I wasn't about to spend $40 on shoes for her.  So we came home, had naps and did a few things then went out on our search again.  We made a stop at home depot then off to Target.  We quickly found some Champion sneakers on clearance and she loved them.  She also wanted flip flops.  So I splurged- $2.50.

They are cool because they actualy have elastic strips on the back.  But after a bit they bother her toes, which is why I only wanted to spend $2.50 on flip flops! We ate at Calfornia Tortilla and Celia ate most of our share of chips and Gaucamole, along with some of our shared chicken tacos.  Prior to that we did make a stop at Pet Smart, she loves that place.  Of course I think she loves the fact that the cats are behind glass!!  She is a bit chicken with animals.  Oh and Mom, she still remembers Thomas.  She looked at one and said "Oh Mommy, that looks like Thomas!"

Oh and we finally got new furniture for our living room.  We have had a recliner that was likely 20 years old that was literally dropping pieces- a bolt here, a really big metal piece last year.  Oh and the couch, ugh, don't even get me started.  I am embarassed that we kept that so long.  It looked great and was super comfy but had an odor that would not go away- I am not going to explain.  In anycase here are our new purchases.

They are a bit more formal then I am used to but comfortable and will hold up with kids.  Celia seems to love them.  We also have more seating.  It shouldn't have taken us so long to make the purchases.

The little bean has started to make it's presence known, I feel little popcorn movements in my stomach and a few not so light ones.  Celia is still insisting it is a girl, not so sure but we will see I guess!  I am popping out as much as I guess, or maybe a little less then I did with Celia.  I am told that only if you know me can you tell I am preggo- so great, I just look chubby to everyone else.  I on the other hand think the belly is big, I feel huge!  But that goes with pregnancy.  The funny thing is that I am carrying exactly like I was with Celia, I had a deja vue moment looking down the other day!  I will be 18 weeks on Friday and so I think things are progressing nicely.  Last day for my students is this Friday and last day for me is the 21st!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My love of my Birth Center

As you know by the title of my blog(if you don't go to my first entry), I gave birth to Celia in a parking lot of a Birth Center.  This Birth Center is one of the oldest in the country and has an excellent reputation.  That said, prior to getting pregnant I had not heard of it that often but I had seen it on TLC's birth story.  I don't really know what prompted me to want to use the Birth Center as I can't say that prior to getting pregnant I wasn't more for pain free labor then not, or I didn't really care.  Maybe it was the horrid experience I had at my large OB's office prior to switching to the Birth Center.  In anycase, once I went to one of their seminar's I was convinced that this was the place for me.  I was surprised when I had my first midwife appointment and she didn't want to head out the door 5 min. after meeting me like all of the OB's I had seen at my previous office.  She wanted to know how I was doing, what I was eating, how my husband was doing, etc. 

So fast forward to now.  Of course after a good first experience there, I am sticking with the Birth Center.  My husband would prefer that we use the local hospital, that I am not a fan of.  Actualy, I don't want to give birth in a hospital.  He loves the Birth Center, it is the distance that scares him.   On the plus side though- my school is moving to a location that is 15 min. from the Birth Center!!  

In anycase I had my 16 week prenatal appointment yesterday and I took Celia with me.  It is a little different then taking your child to an OB Dr. Prenatal appointment.  The midwife let her pump up the blood pressure check to check my blood pressure (90/60 as always, thank you!).  She then had a stool for Celia to stand on while I was on the exam table (don't get all excited, at this stage all they do is reveal your tummy, nothing else!).  She helped to turn on the Doppler and the midwife had Celia listen for the heartbeat.   She talked to Celia and really, she was part of the visit.  They have a sibling class that I plan on trying to get Celia to, hopefully the timing will work out.  It is supposed to be very good.  But it is nice to have her part of the visit so that Celia is aware of everything.

Oh and I am off of restrictions!! I can exercise again- starting off slow of course.  Celia and I took a walk around the neighborhood again.  I think Celia was a little bit too happy to be back in the BOB stroller!!


So sweet and innocent

The sweet and innocent comes primarily when she is asleep!  Celia's bossiness has reached new levels unfortunately as her huge vocabulary has increased even more.   I am not sure how to decrease that except "encouraging her" not always to take the lead.  But at school, her classmates often just do what she says!  She is so funny though.  She had a conversation with her cousin Katie the other day and I didn't have her on speaker so I didn't hear the full conversation.  I had not told Celia yet that Katie was coming to visit us again this summer because things were up in the air a bit.  Well later that day Celia told me "Guess what, Katie is coming to visit me".  I asked her how she knew that and she said "Well Katie told me when I talked to her".  Oh!  She is now having her own phone conversations!!

Of course yesterday I also saw the start of something I really didn't like.  Celia wanted to do certain things like sit on my lap to eat and play with the radio.  When I told her no she said , Well Amber (her 8 year old friend) told me to do it.  Oh really!!  Explaining lying to a 2 1/2 year old gets a bit complicated.  Especialy when I explain it and Celia looks at me and says "well, she could have told me to do that, Mommy you just don't know".  What???  What is that about??  She is 2 not 10, ugh!!!

Okay, I have another post to do about our Birth Center appointment.  It was a great 4 month visit that included Celia!