Friday, July 18, 2008

19 years

So I had to add something about tomorrow. 19 years, next will be 20 and to me that is amazing but 19 years ago I am sure that we never imagined that 20 years would fly by without him. I can't say that they easily flew by because even now there are at least 3 people who I believe think of him daily and have those little thoughts. I wonder what it would be like if he were around... Would he make his funny faces and hilarious voices until Katie had a fits of laughter? Would he make Emmett some really cool wooden cars or push toys? Would he sing to Celia? I have to only think that this would be true and he would grin ear to ear at his grandchildren, because he loved kids.
So it has been hard and if we all had to do it over, goodness, it would include you.

Love you always..

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tracy said...

Carrie... while it surprises us that the time swifly passes, by no means does it belittle what we had with those that we loved who left way to early. You know, as well as I do, that Mom - mom would still probably potty train each and every great grandchild like she did with us. They would each have thier own favorite meal, and she would make each and every one of them feel that they held a special place in her heart. This is the same for your Dad. I have a picture of him in my living room, and not a day goes by that I look at it and smile. It's one of those goofy, funny faced pictures, which captured his true personality. He is watching over all of you. He was there when both you and Vickie got married, as well as there when you gave birth... and boy what a kick he would have gotten out of your birthing experience. You are right, he loved kids. I remember before you and Vickie were here, Christmas day him and Aunt Pat would show up to "play" with our toys... and I am not joking about that either. I also remember the time that I was sick and he came down to play golf with Dad, and he brought me paper dolls... I miss him so much. Could you see him and Tate together? I miss them all, Mom mom, your dad, Pop pop, Kelly and uncle norman. Things just aren't the same, but it's life, and all we can hope for is that someday, someone will look back and remember us, and the funny looks, or the crazy stories, or the songs....don't ever forget.

love ya cuz