Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Mini Champs Star

Tonight we went to see Audrey swim in Mini Championships.  It was the first meet that Celia did not swim in so it was just Audrey and she did an awesome job.  She shaved 20+ seconds off of her freestyle and backstroke time and she swam in a relay.   She made it to the podium twice in free and back and we are so proud of our little fish.

Backstroke (they get the ribbons later, these make for better photos)


Her backstroke, she is the one in the completely navy suit and light pink cap

She made some friends and talked to a few coaches this year.  It has been a great season for her. 
What a commitment the coaches have for this team.  Many of the coaches have been part of this league since they were kids. On to league champs with Celia in a little more then a week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19th

You can look back at my past 7/19 posts.  
Dad, we are knee deep in swimming this year.  We are unexpectedly headed to league champs this year.  At first Celia chose camp over it and I was more then OK with that.  Adding an extra week of practice and attending a 2 day swim meet (morning and possibly evening) is not quite exciting to me.  Her friend and her coaches changed her mind and she can still go to 3 days of camp.  She will simply practice for 1 day and attend camp for 3 days.  I guess sort of the best of both worlds.  She will have fun hanging out with her friends.  I love that they are part of the team and feel supported (that was a priority for you) but it is a long haul in the summer.

Life is good.  All your Grandkids are together this week.

Audrey is my comedian.  I think of you when she does things like the above.
She would have made my you laugh all the time and I have a feeling it would have been a mutual relationship.  

The older one would just amaze you.  She is bright, loves to read, and is just basically turning into a young lady.  Her personality is forming and you can see some passions starting to form.  Dad, you would have loved watching them grow.

Friday, July 1, 2016


She swam in her first swim meet last weekend (Big Sis swam too and did awesome in her 4 events)

But the biggest news of the week is that Audrey successfully ate Oats this week with no reaction.  No food restrictions anymore.  I know that seems silly to celebrate but any parent with a child who has food restrictions/allergies understands!

FPIES can kick it!