Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures with explanation

We are doing well, all are healthy right now. I am still struggling with work. Finding my balance is proving to be very difficult. It will come, I know.

I thought this was a sweet picture of Celia by one of the trees that we run to when it is nice weather. It is one of those things that Celia and I just do together. We climb up a mountain to the trees, fly off of them, and rescue each other. It is just between us.
My curly hair little girl. We are struggling with taking care of it, they frizz some days. Since I straighten my curls (though they aren't as tight as Celia's), I never really have to think about taking care of them. Her curls are a new experience for me.

Ahh... Summer still remains slightly with homemade smoothie popsicles. Home made yogurt and some berries. She thinks it is a treat for filling up her sticker chart, I am more then happy with that.

She discovered the tiniest stickers out there and covered herself with them. I found them places for days.

She is actualy cleaning my windows, and she does a good job. That is vinegar in the spray bottle and a microfiber cloth on the floor. She got her stool so she could reach higher. To start off, she had no underwear. To post a picture, I had her put some on. She vacuums too, with the small stick vacuum my Mom got us. I love that vacuum, it is amazing. I am training her young. As soon as she can reach the washing machine, we are in business!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuffy sucky luck- updated

Update: So her wonderful teacher was actualy completely accurate! Celia was wheezing. We had a rough night last night. I did not sleep at all and it really wasn't all Celia's fault. She fell asleep around 5:30 last night- should have been my first clue that something wasn't right. She woke up around 3 or 4 times, her fever was 101. I took her back to the doctor at 7 am. I saw a different doctor and she was very calm for him. He was able to hear wheezing. So she is on an antibiotic and nebulizer treatments. Pete's Dad is coming to stay with her tomorrow. I am so glad to have his family nearby. I hope Celia treats him well. She seems to be perking up since her neb treatment and didn't feel horrible today, just more tired and clingy. Normally I would just stay home with her but it is the first full week. I am torn, I would love to spend another day curled up with her. Sadly I know there will be other sick days. As for me, I am also sick. I had the worst night with sinus and ear pain, so bad that I seriously considered going to the ER. Everytime I coughed or tried to blow my nose, I thought I was going to pass out. It took a few hours but the drugs that I popped kicked in, but I couldn't sleep. In anycase Celia and I went from her doctor to my doctor and ended up with an antibiotic for each of us.

So do you remember how we started school last year? Read here. Do you remember how we ended the school year?? Read here. You can only guess where this is going. Yes that is right on the night before the first day that I had students I got hit with a horrid cold. I think I caught it from Celia's daycare class but Celia didn't really start until Thursday with her cold. It seems to be the same one of course. It is the kind of no appetite, walk in a fog colds. Well at least for me, Celia is going with the "feed a cold" theory evidently. She has been battling this thing hard and this morning I thought she had turned the corner. I should mention that Pete is in Texas on business so I am the only one here to take off if Celia is sick. It all is bad timing, but I never imagined we would get sick this early. You know, because that never happens... I should have read my blog. In anycase I get a call from her school today that Celia is wheezing. The last time Celia wheezed was when she had RSV and didn't eat for 8 days. Celia doesn't do that. Her teacher was nice and not all that worried and said she was actualy okay to stay but that maybe I should make a doctor's appointment. Wheezing to me, as a severe child and adult asthmatic (outgrew it though after having Celia!), means not breathing very well. So I talked her pediatrician's office and they were able to fit me in with in an hour.
I got to daycare and Celia didn't want to go home, she was tired, but not looking that bad. So off to the doctor we went to find out that she has a cold. I was a little bit excited to hear that it was a cold without an ear infection. I know she could still get an ear infection from this gunky cold, but 6 months ago this would have been double ear infections. This is a horrid cold, I haven't felt this gunky in years. No wheezing or anything in Celia's chest. I called her school to relay the information and let them know that honestly I do appreciate that they are that diligent with the kids. I would have rather made the trip just to be safe and next time they tell me she can wait until after work to go to the doctor, I will wait and not panic. The truth is, Celia is my daughter and I half expect at some point that she will blow up with hives and wheeze. I don't want that but anyone that knows me, knows that was who I was as a kid. Maybe the near 2 years of breastmilk will have paid off...
So Celia is fine, better then I have seen her in days. Of course she had only a 20 min. nap at the doctor's office. So to bed early for her tonight. She is over at my neighbor's house playing right now and I should be doing school work. I am overwhelmed with that. I don't know what to do with these kids. They are awesome as far as behavior goes, okay one is showing some problems, but really nothing bad. It is the high academic work and the crud that is making me feel horrid. If I could just kick this cold, I would be able to think alot more!!
As I drove home today though I really started thinking about part time work yet again. So I go back to that thinking. I think that I should make those decisions when I feel better.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday bash

Celia loves garbage trucks and she loves the alphabet song, she will sing the alphabet song over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... We have spent a great deal of early summer mornings watching the garbage truck and garbage man do their thing. So Celia's birthday bash theme wish garbage trucks with an underlying theme of alphabet letters. We played pin the letters on the garbage truck and trash bowling. Her cake was a garbage truck and I made it, it took too long, but I made it!!

Here is pin the letters on the garbage truck

This is the best picture I could get of the bowling

Here is Celia opening a very tiny portion of her gifts, too many gifts- but she loved them all! If you notice she is opening them with a screw driver- yes a that is right. Part of her gifts was a toolbox which she loves.

She sobbed when we sang Happy Birthday.. Can't you tell! Okay, no, Celia grinned ear to ear when everyone started singing Happy Birthday. I guess my little girl likes attention, well she gives it to everyone too so that is great!

Oh and her shirt- it has a bunny that says "I'm two" and the back says "What is your excuse?" So that is just a snippet from our party. What had fun, it was family and our two neighbors. We were so glad that her cousins, two aunts, and uncle could come. Of course she loved having her great grandparents and grandparents too!! Grandma made some yummy baked beans that the guys went crazy over and Mom Mom made some yummy fruit salad. A extra thank you to Mom Mom for her help in the preparations and for the 6 hours she spent helping me with my classroom!!

So happy birthday Celia. You have come a long way kiddo. From the parking lot to 2.

What happened this year?

  • You moved from a crib to a big girl bed

  • You potty trained yourself, okay Mommy takes only slight credit.

  • You learned how to say the alphabet

  • You can say anything, honestly you can and do

  • You talk in 3-5 word sentences, again, you honestly do

  • You spent your first night without Mommy and Daddy

  • You went to North Carolina

  • You had RSV and were very, very, sick

  • You learned how to hop

  • You learned to dress yourself, undressing you did when you were not quite 1

  • You started school with Miss. Jen and loved it

  • You developed and overcame your fear of ceiling fans

  • Stopped sleeping in a sleep sack

  • You stayed rearfacing in your carseat and still love it that way

  • You grew and you amazed us

Celia's favorites

  • You love your dolls, trucks, handy manny, elmo, tea set, doll house furniture, and the gold coins (we will forever find coins around the house, and I am fine with that)

  • You love to take walks in the BOB stroller, except now you tell Mommy to run sometimes

  • You love to play dollhouse with Daddy

  • You love Amber and she loves you

  • Nakey Time

  • Reading books- anything by David Shannon, Yummy and Yucky

  • Singing songs- alphabet song, Jesus loves the little children, Amazing Grace, Froggy Went a Courtin

  • Foods: "ogurt" as you call it, specifically Mommy's homemade yogurt and spoonfuls of Daddy's Breyer's yogurt while sitting on his lap, pizza (homemade or regular), calzones, Mommy's meatloaf, hummus (all time favorite food), Trader Joes Fruit Crushers, broccoli

We love you Celia, I hope your 3rd year brings even more joy, I know it will!!

Am I doing this again???

Am I really going back to work for a second year, am I really working full time again?? I keep asking myself that. The answer of course is yes. I am chicken for change I think. I thought about part time work and explored it slightly. Perhaps if things hadn't happened this summer, things that will just remain as "things", I would have. I don't know. The truth is, when I think of part time, I know that all of my options for that kind of work mean no summers off. Summers off are wonderful. Summers off getting paid are amazing. Granted now when I have summers off, I am still working as a Mom. It is a different kind of work though, a sticky kisses, tummy tickles, on the floor flopping pouting, homemade yogurt and smoothy eating, kind of work day. It is a cuddles after a fall or just because kind of day. It is a certain toddler needs a nap so she whines all morning and then only takes an hour nap and then make you want Daddy to come home so bad that you send said toddler to the window to look for him every 5 minutes kind of day. It is a handy manny after poopying kind of day. It is a smoothy popsicle on the front stoop kind of day...

We are getting our new hardwood laminate flooring installed today. Last year it was the countertops, this year the flooring. Next year, hmm... what should next year be?? My bathroom?? But that is the size of a coat closet so not much can be done. There was a problem of course and the guys are off to get some board to put underneath the floor. All is well though because I pitched a fit with home depot and it is going to be free. One of the installer guys told me to call them and act really pissed off, so that is what I did. Now anyone that knows me knows that my pissed off isn't really all that bad. Of course the floor is not installed yet so hopefully everything will be okay.

I left Celia at daycare in a hurry today because the installers called and they were coming early. I left her suddenly and I hope she was okay, of course she is always okay. She loves school. They love her too. It is a quiet day there and they are celebrating her birthday. Thank you to Miss. Holly for making her birthday special. I love that Holly is her teacher, she is a very sweet person. The director, Miss. Donna, makes Celia feel like she is the only kid that goes there. Celia really thinks that. She talks about her and says "Miss. Donna loves me, Miss. Donna gives me hugs". I have asked if she gives other kids hugs and was informed "No, Celia". I know that isn't true, but glad Celia thinks it is. I am glad that when I am away from work that Miss Celia is in good hands!!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post pictures from her birthday bash- on her birthday!