Sunday, February 26, 2012

I think we are searching for Spring

Celia asked me early in the week if we could go to the park.  We have really not had a winter, it was in the 60s a few days this week.  The problem with asking me if we can just stop by the park is that unfortunately spontaneous actions do not necessarily go with my "schedule" as a Mom who works outside of the home.  Honestly.  When she asked me that I almost did, I was all set to go spend an hour running around the park.  Then I looked back and saw Audrey's arm waving up and down, signing nurse and I remembered about dinner, laundry, and the fact that it was bath night.  Ugh.  So I promised Celia that tomorrow we could go to the park.  That evening I did everything I could to prepare things for the next day so that we could go to the park and have a blast.  Of course that day I went on a field trip with my students and it was crazy with one in particular and I was beat.  But I still told Celia "guess what, we get to go to the park".  I expected her to say "Great" and for us to have a blast at the park.  Much to my surprise, she said "oh, I really am not interested in doing that today".  What????  So we didn't.  I drove past it on the way home and prompted her the whole time, at that point I had talked myself into some rides down the slide with Audrey and some swinging.  It did not happen.  Sigh.
The previous day we did get out side for about 15 minutes to ride bikes and scooters.  Audrey thinks that she can ride Celia's tricycle without help.  She pushes my hands off of her and becomes furious if she finds out that I am helping her.  A 15 month old can not ride a tricycle without help, let alone one that she can not reach the peddles.  She also believes that she can sit on the potty without my support and pushes my hands off too.  She has fallen in, it has not stopped her. There is something wrong with that.  Anyhow... It reminded me of our rides down the sidewalk on warm Spring days.  Celia wants to go out more and more and we have been to Longwood Gardens more frequently lately.  Spring typically does not really arrive with all of the warm days until late April, sometimes not until mid May in our area.  We have had a very mild winter and are expected to have a cooler then normal Spring so who knows.  I would not fight a March snow storm.  The school districts now are more than willing to close school with only a few inches of snow.  We have snow days built in and none were taken!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where did it go?

Where did it go?  I do not know if you can see the second picture but she has her hands up there.  Audrey is still not saying anything.  Okay, she is babbling a bit but no real words but she signs frequently.  I loved when Celia started doing the hands up in the air for "Where did it go?"

By the way the Where did it go was something she put in the trash can.  She has had some tantrums over the trashcan.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

She can do this for hours, literally

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Valentines day is really not a holiday that Pete and I are crazy about. I do love the fact that he said to me on Feb 13, so like we aren't doing any thing for Valentines right? So sweet, so romantic sweety. But really I think it is more funny then anything. I would get mad if he spent money on me for the holiday. So on Valentines day he got the girls love bugs and I got a card. I dropped a pack of heart peeps on his placemat. That is how we do Valentines day! Now Celia made us a very sweet Valentines day card at school It reads what I like to do best with my family I like to play and go out to eat with my family to the burrito store. I like to play toys with Audrey. I like to play and go out for breakfast at Penns Table with Daddy. I like to watch TV with Mommy. My favorite show is Strawberry Shortcake. Seriously, seriously, that is what she thinks of? Watch tv!! We craft, we play games, we go to Longwood Gardens, visit the library, read books, and she tells her teacher that is what she enjoys to do with me. I restrict her tv, infact lately she is going days without watching any tv. I am hoping that she is remembering when she had the stomach bug and we cuddled all day long and watched tv. I love her though and she is very cute. I have 1/2 a dozen Valentine cards from her on the kitchen windowsill that she made me this morning. Audrey is sick, yet again. So I literally arrived at work, got phone call and had to drive home. We have 10:40 dr's appointment. Poor baby.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Sister

So she is at that goofy stage.  The one in which burps, farts, and the word butt is absolutely hysterical.  In fact she has learned that if she adds any word to the beginning of butt that it is the best thing on earth.  We are discouraging that however I also find it hysterical sometimes.  She is hyper at times and needs to get her energy out, Pete can not handle that.  So I guess I need to go back to making her run laps around our kitchen and living room before Pete gets home.  I used to do that. 
She is also very into helping me in the kitchen and not doing a bad job at it either.  This year she made all of her Valentines herself.  I only helped her by making a stencil of a heart.  She has traced it, decorated it, and cut it out.  She has even used the class list provided by her teacher to write names on the Valentines. 
She has not fought back to her sister yet but honestly, and do not tell her this, but if she is not very rough, I am going to turn the other eye if she does fight back.  You see Little sister is rough!  She pushes big sister and has even started hitting a little bit.  She did not learn that at school either, Little sis has done that for a long time.  But Big Sis is patient and tells her no, sometimes there are tears, but usually she is patient. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Video of a Video

Now Audrey Watching herself

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poor Celia

Well we are on our second round of the stomach bug since I started back to work, it is not fun.  Audrey had it a few weeks ago, then Celia got it, then I got it.  That one was not horrible, although I would have preferred to skip it. So this past Thursday evening/Friday evening Audrey surprised us with throwing up in her crib and then a few hours later all over me.  The first round she also threw up all over me.  I am not fond of that.  In anycase we questioned this time if perhaps it was reflux related.  I questioned that until Sunday morning when I started to feel bad and then when I felt, very, very, very bad, and then when I felt as if someone just needed to knock me out until this thing was over.  In years I have not just laid in my bed.  I wish I could have enjoyed it!  If we had to question it even further, poor Celia got sick this afternoon.  She only was sick once then Pete brought her home and she watched movies.  She seemed to be fairing okay until I noticed that she was asleep.  She woke up a few times and it was clear she felt crummy.  But at least she can sleep.  I am hoping she kicks this thing by morning. 
There is a lot of othe things going on, keeping me from updating the blog.  I have some cute pictures and hopefully this weekend I will get some time to upload them and schedule some posts.  For now here is Ms. Celia acting very cute and then acting very sick.

Check out the bucket, the school let us keep it!  Don't worry, it was never used.  She is sacked out on the couch.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Notice anything odd?

Audrey sometimes helps me load the dishwasher