Thursday, November 24, 2016

Audrey Turns 6

You are 6 today.
6 years baby girl and each year keeps getting better and better.
This year you were double excited about your birthday because it is also Thanksgiving.
You were frequently asking me this week "Mommy, aren't you just so excited?"
You are fierce and brave
You are also painfully shy but started out Kindergarten talking which is huge if you know our little girl!  Her Fall conference was awesome.
You handled the transition to Kindergarten and your after school program better then I could have imagined.  We are still working on branching out with who you talk to but I am sure that will come.
Kindergarten has sparked a tiny bit of interest in crafts and coloring which is new for you.  But you still just love to play, play, play.  One of your favorite things to do is swing on our tree swing.
You are also enjoying gymnastics class and your teacher says that you are sometimes a leader.

Yup, that sums of you completely

You absolutely love to make us laugh.
Sometimes you don't even try, you just are hysterical.
Your favorite foods include cantaloupe, bread with honey, peppers, tomatoes, Mac and cheese, rice, and almost any type of fruit.  You still would ALL day long if I let you.  Everyone says this is a growth spurt.  Well it has been a long 5 year growth spurt.

You love your big sister and she is your best friend.
Your buddy Taylor is also a close second and we have loved to see that relationship blossom.

You are such a good swimmer for your age and you did an awesome job at Champs this summer.
You also handled the whole season without fear or hesitation.
Your coach put you up on the block at the first meet, you dove off of it and then he turned to me and said "Wait, does she go off the block??"  I said "I guess she does now".  You just did it, did not question it, just went with it.  So Amazing.

Oh my goodness do you love the beach.  You ask about it all summer.
Mommy feels the same way!
You are Mommy's little buddy until Celia gets home and I have been amazingly blessed to be able to spend afternoons with you.  I will miss my little buddy next year!
You have a great passion for animals (stuffed or real).
We recently got a fish and you love him.
You also love our neighbor's dog Riley
Happy Birthday Miss Audrey
I am very Thankful for all of the Joy you give our family every single day.

Psst Auds, Aren't you just so Excited???

Sunday, November 20, 2016


On a non-working Friday Audrey came home from preschool and we quickly hopped in the car.  We were going to eat at the museum but Auds could not wait and I had the same thought about 30 min before she came home so she ate on the way!   Audrey loves this little museum and they recently put in a new exhibit.

Checking out the pretend floor aquarium that she loves

We went to the Arctic Rainforest exhibit.  One side had the Arctic with a lot of really cool things to do and another side had the rainforest part.  That was neat but Auds was more interest in the Arctic.  They had a pretend tree house and according to Auds I was not allowed to pretend I was way up high in the tree house, but I did anyway.

Trying on some snow shoes

In the igloo

Now we are both in the igloo!

The museum has some small trails out back and normally Audrey has a great time with me.  This is usually what she wants to do at the museum first but today she was scared.  I have no clue why!  It was gorgeous out.

She questioned if there was something living inside this huge stomp

We arrived back to the museum just in time to see this Albino Hedgehog get a bath!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

School Pictures

So this year both girls had awful school pictures and I could not bring myself to purchase them.  I knew the grandparents might be disappointed that they did not get the annual photos and I wanted at least something to update the picture frames.  So I seized the opportunity to try for some fake school pictures and I think they turned out very well!

Don't worry I will be getting some wallet prints to pass out!!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Halloween

Well it should be because it is tomorrow.  We have not been overly into Halloween this year.  We did trunk or treat at the girl's school for the first time and that was a lot of fun.  Audrey's puppy mask had not yet come in and I had not sewn all of her white fur patches on her outfit so we had to quickly pull together a costume out of our dress up bin.   Celia has had her costume for a long time, she is Annabeth from the Percy Jackson book series.  Not sure if many people will know who she is but that is okay, we love that she is a character from a book.

If you press the nose it barks, her teacher is going to LOVE me!!

We carved pumpkins with our friend Maria as we did last year
We had a lot of fun.  Auds had laid out her rubber gloves in the morning in preparation
for handling the inside guts.  She ditched them after about 2 minutes and tackled it without "protection".  The first year we carved pumpkins Auds ran across the room when I asked if she wanted to touch the inside of the pumpkin.

Celia and Maria did these two pumpkins, Celia even helped carve this year!

Audrey picked this hatchet carrying scary guy.

We have been enjoying the Y pool again.  The girls will stay in it for hours.
One of the times we were just about the only ones in the pool and Audrey asked if the water mushroom could be turned on and I explained that I didn't think so.  I guess the lifeguard heard and with in seconds it was on and both girls were ecstatic.   I love that it is a warm water pool.

Celia's orthodontist rented out a local bowling alley for a Halloween party and we were encouraged to bring a friend.  I thought it was going to be smaller and a push for those friends to come see her but honestly the only advertising done was on a small piece of chocolate on the way out.  2 hours of free bowling, pizza, cake, drinks, dancing, and photos to take home.  No braces for Celia yet, just a retainer to wear at night to keep her from biting the roofing of her mouth due to her overbite.

Auds and I have spent several days at our local orchard.  We picked out seconds apples for applesauce and went twice for pumpkins.  She loves the goats!

Gymnastics observation day, she is on the end in the pink and blue. 
She is by far the straightest!!  She is the oldest in the group this year and her teacher says that she is a great model for the rest of the kids.
I don't have any pictures of Celia but she is really enjoying her Praise Dance classes and is practicing for her performances in December. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Life Lately

So Mom's been feeling the stress of work, life in general, and a long run of insomnia, and I have not been getting to the blog.  Luckily for my kids, especially Audrey, my biggest stress relief is spending time with them.  So on Audrey and Mom afternoons we have been busy either going somewhere or just playing.  I have neglected house work but we have had fun.  That is what is important!  On Friday we did tackle some outdoor work and we had the best time.  I introduced Audrey to wooly bears and she tried to feed one of them.  I cleared out a large bed in our back yard that was completely over run with weeds.  I also took out the out of control ornamental grass, boy to they have large roots!!  Audrey helped with one shovel and I helped with the other.   Celia and I had a wonderful Saturday morning last week going to a consignment sale, hobby lobby, getting hair cuts and going out to lunch and then to the book store.  A book store is like a toy store to Cecelia and it was hard to drag her out of it.  Barnes and Nobles has a big fan.  Oh yes and we have a new pet!  We got a fish named Beta Max.

Celia wants to be Annabeth from the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series for Halloween.  The costume required a dagger and Amazon had a 2 pack.  So they came this week and I have used the phrase "stop stabbing your sister" a little too much.

Audrey seems to be adjusting to Kindergarten but does not provide a large amount of information.  Her teacher did let me know that "Audrey is awesome and such a good student" so theres that.  Cecelia started taking violin and praise dance.  She likes both of those activities.  Audrey likes the praise dance because the two of us play on the preschool playground together while Celia dances.  She especially likes me to crawl through the itty bitty tunnel and laughs if I get stuck.

Celia helped me out at our church rummage sale and got to stand outside to advertise the sale.  She was a pink cow!

Auds made a fairly impressive dinosaur hat the last time we went to the Natural History Museum

Friday, September 16, 2016


At age 9 you have a lot of opinions about many things.  
Okay, let's face it from the moment you could talk you had a lot of opinions that you expressed with a large vocabulary.  You don't like tight clothes, in fact they are very offensive and you will squirm and pull at them until you make them loose.  That makes leggings under dresses HARD.  

You love to read, in fact reading is quite hazardous for you.  If you have a very good book you will walk around the house or from the bus or anywhere reading while I tell you to look out for certain things.  This does get frustrating when we are in a hurry and you believe that you can read and get ready at the same time (you can't).  You love graphic novels and you are Rick Riordan's number 1 fan. You love anything about greek mythology.  You love Calvin and Hobbes, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and The Far Side.  You aren't too big yet for a good picture book read to you.

You antagonize your sister A LOT.  In fact I think that sometimes you wake up with the goal of making her furious.  This is new.  But… you are also a very good big sister and the two of you are best friends.  Your other best friend is Vanessa and I hope that continues for a long time because she is an awesome friend to both you and Audrey.  You think your sister is the funniest thing on earth and she can make you laugh harder then anyone else on the planet.

You are now in Junior Choir at church and you love to sing.  I love to listen to you sing too.  In fact I mention songs that I want you to memorize and often you can sing it for me the next day.  You are a great little swimmer and had an awesome summer swim season.   You continue to love legos and there are still Saturday mornings in which we wake to the "swish, swish, swish" of you sifting through your lego bins.  The tweenage years are approaching and sometimes you are not as agreeable.  But even when you are emotional you are always quick to give a hug.  You are compassionate to others and if someone is not feeling great, you are right by their side.  

For your birthday you got a Kindle e-reader which you really wanted.  I love that you also got toys, Calico Critters and a Ken Doll.  You are also into the game Clue and your Aunt Susie got that for you.  You love to draw and are quite the little artist.  Aunt Vickie gifted you with a doodle crate box and Mom Mom gave you a gift cards and a box full of sewing items.  You actually used the Joann gift card to buy some fleece and sewed an entire blanket which you have been dragging around the house.

Here's to another year little girl.