Friday, June 10, 2016

2nd Grade

And just like that 2nd grade is finished…  Celia switched schools this year and we were all nervous.  Her new school was amazing and Celia had a great year.  We loved her 2nd grade teacher.  She was a substitute however I wish she was staying in 2nd grade so that Audrey could have her at some point.

Our little girl has had a somewhat rough end to the school year with some health issues that have made us our drag our way to the end of the school year.  However the last 2 weeks seem to have been better so we are hoping for an awesome summer!!

Okay Here's the comparison.  A little bit taller and leaner.  I say that every year.  Her growth curve is as predictable as it was since she was 2!  She grows in the late winter to early spring.  Below, look at the arches in our front door.  That shows you the height difference!!

And for real comparison- Kindergarten


She was (and is) so stinking cute.  Here's to you Miss Cecelia Tate - you are one amazing little girl!!!

Celia and her best friend headed off to the bus!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Last Day of Pre- K

So this is the last day of Pre-k for Miss. Audrey.   We have been at this school for 7 years and 9 months!!  It has really been our extended family.  I can not express how much this little school has meant to us.

She has had quite the growth spurt this year.  She is long and lean now.

If you think the blond hair is getting darker, don't worry it always looks like that at the beginning of June.  By August it will look like the August picture.

Audrey, you entered Pre-K painfully shy and had absolutely no interest in anything but play.
Your teacher said it so perfectly when she said "Audrey is girl that loves to have fun".  That sums up Audrey.  If it isn't fun, she doesn't want to do it.  And quite honestly, what 5 year old should have any other theory in life.  I love you Miss Audrey Marie and I can't wait to see you grow.

Thank you so much Miss. Shelley for an amazing year.
Thank you Office Donna for helping us these past 7 years and 9 months.
Thank you to all our UMCC teachers that have helped both our girls along the way.

We will see you for our week of camp!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Here's to Audrey

After weeks of practice, she graduated.  Nearly 8 years at this school and we are finally saying goodbye.  Celia started at that school when she was 1.  Many of the same teachers are still there and we are going to miss them.  I have sat through this sing and celebrate graduation show many, many, many times.  Audrey did a great job and sang every single song.  My favorite song was "Yes, I Am A Sonbeam" and "10,000 Reasons".



Audrey had lots of fans including our good friend Vanessa and Celia.  I snapped some shots of them and thought I am glad I will only be paying for braces for mine.  8 year old teeth are scary!!  But they are cute.  Vanessa was a great sport to come out and cheer on Audrey.

We took Audrey to the zoo last Friday.  Pete took off and we treated her to some one-on-one time.  It was a very hot and a very crowded day but she had a blast.

She did think that many of the animals were "stinky"

The Eagles were her favorite, this is one eagle loving girl.  She wants all the Eagle books from the library and amazingly there are a lot.

Here's to You Audrey Marie, Oh the Places You Will Go!!