Tuesday, July 26, 2011

8 Months

I can not believe that you are 8 months old baby girl!  The end of this month has brought some promise.  You have really been fun this last week + and you are finally less fussy!!  You have your moments but your personality is coming through now.  I think that now that you can crawl and pull yourself up and just about cruise, that you are happier.  You know longer have to wait on us to second guess what you might want, you just get it.  You most certainly have a sense of humor and you are a sweety when you want to be.  Sometimes when you are playing, you come over just for a little cuddle.  When I am sitting near you and you are standing up, you have to check in with Mommy every once in awhile and give me a hug.  Of course when you do not get your way, watch out, really watch out. 

Food:  Wow, the past 2 weeks you have been doing awesome with your food.  Once I decided to not push puree, you have taken off with some new foods.  You like green and yellow squash, cantaloupe, mango, quinoa, watermelon, prunes (helped a little issue), yams, and now peaches.  I may be forgetting something.  Oh and you will eat carrot puree.  The fact that you have had no more vomiting with solids may mean that you are actually allergic to oatmeal and butternut squash, go figure.  You are drinking out of a straw cup and doing very well with it.

Clothes:  I am tired of writing 3 to 6 months.  Yes, 3 to 6 month clothes and they fit well.  I can put you in 6 to 9 months, some you are swimming in and some fit okay.  I seem to be putting you just in a t shirt and your cute little diapers often!

You are sleeping alright now, getting up at least 1 x a night but no more then 3 times.   I am trying to get you down to just 1 x  a night consistently but that might take awhile.  I have stressed to you that the dairy bar is closed until 2 am, and if you take advantage of those services, then you can not revisit for at least 3 hours!  You seem to be getting the message a bit.  You are taking 2 naps a day.  The morning nap happens usually when you start to get tired, we unfortunately are often out doing things then so you nap in the car or in the ergo.  In the afternoon, you nap at the same time as your sister.  That is awesome!!  Sometimes you do end up taking 3 naps, but one is very short.

Right now you really love water play.  The other day you found water on the openned dishwasher and went to town.  I stopped things when you climbed into the dishwasher!!  You love to play with Celia's dolls.  You also still love the handy manny tools, especially Philleppe.  You love my keys and cell phone.  I can not say that you find your toys very interesting, except for the leap frog table.  You really do love interacting with people too and you often search for a reaction.

So Audrey, keep it up baby.  We are having such a good time with happy Audrey.

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Mom on the Run said...

My little one is 8 months old as well. She sounds a lot like your little one. I love how you close the dairy bar, I feel like that often.

What a great way to record her milestones!