Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Most people think that Audrey is very shy.  This is honestly the Audrey that we all know.

Monday, March 6, 2017


I am not doing away with the blog.  I just honestly have not felt like sitting down and updating.  We are just living life and life is good for our family.  We have several friends going through a lot right now and we are beyond blessed that our little family is healthy and for the most part happy!

So here are some pictures and hopefully I will be in a writing mood soon.

Oh and a shout out to my big sis- Happy Belated Birthday!!

At our local museum's Dino exhibit

She has worked out with me more frequently lately on the weekends.
She for some reason does not want to join me at 5:30 am during the work week.

This Looney Bird decided to give up screen time for Lent and we are beyond proud of her, less then 1 week in!!  I did let her know that since our weekly movie was a family thing that maybe it could be no screen with the exception of the family movie.  She agreed.  

We made homemade pretzels on President's day.  Each girl had a friend over and it was fun.

Too bad she lacks personality (sarcasm)

I tried taking a picture of her and this is what happened.
I brought home a train track from work for her to play with for a little bit.
She was in heaven (and so was I as it entertained her while I cleaned, okay cleaning is not heavenly)

If you question the outfit, it was mismatch day at school

Fluffy is in her arms seconds after she gets home.
She is cleaning out her lunch box items, one of her jobs.