Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I sort of took an unintentional blogging break.  I don't even have much to say as we head towards February tomorrow.   I feel like we need a snow day for me to be in the mood to really update on life. But things are good.  The oldest has had a tremendous growth spurt and the youngest one just continues to be her awesome little self.  

Here are some January pictures!

Why yes that is Audrey rolling down the hill in our dusting of snow

With the shirt that was big a month ago.  Seriously, never in her life has she had such a tremendous growth spurt.  She barely grew last year so that makes sense, but she couldn't have done it when the season was changing to make the clothing switch easier??

Celia got to try out Virtual Reality.  Pretty cool.

My little gymnast (it's not her favorite thing anymore but it gives her some confidence)

Hobby Lobby love