Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

A fair warning that no cat was injured in the following scenario.  Fluffy is however contemplating her purpose in life a little but is comforted by the fact that she is the MOST important thing in one 7 year old's life.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Audrey

 We often don't know what you will come up with at any moment as you live to be silly (at home)

Fluffy is your best buddy and your constant companion.
Your sister is a very close second and the feeling is so mutual, the two of you are best friends.
You love animals with a strong passion and have a ton of animal facts available when needed.

You are a character but you are still shy in most places.
At school you are talking more but still very quiet.
Your teacher says you are very sweet and respectful at school. 

We get glimpses of a serious Audrey

Then this...

You begged me about a million times to put the Christmas tree up.
So it was up for your birthday this year.

Audrey, if we only knew the screaming little baby that gave us all sleepless nights and a couple years of frustration would give us this amazing little girl we likely wouldn't have minded the wait.
You are a happy, fun, and silly ball of energy.
Here's to another year.  I only ask that your legs don't grow quite so fast as we are running out of pants!!  Love you sweet girl.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Breakfast, Goblins, Apple picking and Soccer Kicking

Our weekend began with Celia headed off to school at 6:45 for a field trip!  The capital and caverns were on her agenda.  Miss. Audrey decided awhile ago that one morning she wanted to take her good friend and our neighbor Haleigh out to breakfast to a local diner.  So Friday was the day and we all had a great time!  Such a neat way to start our Friday.

Friday night there was trunk or treat at the girls school.  We had there with a friend and it was very cool.  The trunks were amazing.  I questioned the trunk part of two as they were clearly not in the trunk, but hey!  

Pete was away on a trip with his Dad through Sunday so my Mom watched Celia's back to back basketball games on Saturday and I took Audrey to her last soccer game.  She went out on a very good note.  Audrey had the ball non-stop and got the final goal of the season!!  Celia's team won one game and lost the other.  Last week they won by over 30 points!!

We had been planning on going at some point to a local orchard.  The weekends are so very crowded.  I decided though that the day was far too gorgeous to waste indoors.  So the girls and I set off to visit another orchard with no expectations.  The ride was awesome, several horses and some cows.  15 min. later we arrived at an orchard we had never heard about.  It was perfect, not crowded at all.  We picked some apples, selected a few pumpkins, and some other items.  The girls had a great time.  Off we went to pick out a Redbox movie and settle in for the night.  It was sort of a perfect day!!

Hooray for great weekends!  Soon we will be snuggled indoors, so for now we are enjoying the amazing Fall weather.

Monday, October 16, 2017

It's been Awhile

So life has been stressful.  It happens that way, things have to ebb and flow so that life is not boring.  That's said give me some boring.  At the current time I predict some boring coming my way just in time for the holidays which is PERFECT!!!  At least my afternoons trying to figure out a new schedule without my little buddy tagging along has been filled with estimates on our sewer pipe and many other things.

I got to go on a field trip with Audrey for the first time.  It was the first time she has gone on a field trip.  She was very confused though and said "well you and I used to go on field trips".   This is true I supposed.
The highlight of the trip was holding baby chicks.
It was sponsored by Tyson...

Horse riding

Welcome to my afternoon. 
On this day Pete was home and the girls were a little more subdued.
But on many days they are insane and can not keep their hands off of each other.
It is primarily the older one that CANNOT leave her sister alone.
We have forced hugging, wrestling, and just craziness.
I guess I am happy they love each other.

Fluffy has had some good times while Audrey has been at school.
Keep in mind that for many years Fluffy had to be on constant duty in the afternoon.  She loves Audrey so very much however she is enjoying some downtime.  Her choice in books is quite diverse. 
And Here is Celia

Age 10 has changed her