Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another round of beach pictures

The weather ended up being gorgeous on Tuesday and the storms that were on the forecast did not show up until bedtime.  The water was warm but... the no swimming signs were posted.  We sort of ignored that for a little bit so that I could boogie board.  Then I told the girls just to go in feet deep and when a lifeguard came around on his beach cruiser he confirmed that was fine.  The girls honestly had a good time with the surf but Audrey was really angry over how much sand ended up on her and inside her bathing suit.  She HATES the sand.   To be honest, I was sort of shocked at the amount of sand that ended up on me too.

Monday, August 14, 2017

More beach pictures

We had a great time watching the dolphins, one was showing off a bit too!

Playing checkers and keeping score with the iPad

Another Celia creation

Friday, August 11, 2017

Beach time picture overload

She would stay in the water all day
This year we don't even need the pool!

Celia's creations

Sandy Boogie boarding!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

She might look exactly like her father but...

As a child I was painfully shy but I was usually up for adventure.  I also was not the biggest fan of school and I was a fish in the water.  I also was very silly and showed it mainly to close friends and family.  I am starting to think that maybe my youngest is just a little bit like me...  Maybe, things change!!

Today was her day to plan and she said "I want to go to the treehouse place and climb".  I thought okay.  I had no idea it was really climbing!!  She was pretty good too.  As a child we just climbed the trees though, no safety harnesses.  Maybe she got a little higher then me though...

Saturday, July 29, 2017


I don't know why but I feel like this picture pretty much sums up my eldest.
She has no idea that someone is snapping that picture.
The coach behind her is not saying anything to make that cute little smirk.
She is just plain content with her little self and I love it.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Swim Champs

We just finished up the morning session of our league swim champs.  Both girls made it to champs this year.  Audrey made it back this evening for freestyle and Celia made it back as an alternate for free and in a relay.

Our swim caps our for Scott Elliot who passed away 2 weeks ago.  He was a swim coach for one of the league swim teams.  The league is donating 50/50 sales, shirt sales, and wrist band funds to the family this year.   We all bought these swim caps and they are great but BIG!

See swimmer in the farthest lane?  That is Celia.  When she started there relay team was behind the lane next to her.
Look where they finished!!

I posted pictures now because the weather forecast has us in the rain the rest of the evening and tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19

Maybe when the kids go back to school I will update the blog more!!

It is that time of year and we are knee deep in all things swimming so I always think about my Dad around this time of year.  Both girls have had an awesome swim season and Audrey has had so much fun at meets.  It is cute to see her branch out a little with a new friend or two and Celia has her group of friends too.  Most of the time both girls are with each other in the pool but sometimes they separate.  At meets, they barely know where the other one is as they are too busy with their own friends.

This year I am especially reminded about my Dad because the league lost a member.  I did not know Scott Elliot however he was a coach for another team and a coach for a winter team and an assistant swim coach for a local university and a father and a husband.  The league will be doing a few things for him and for the family.  We received an email in the fall detailing his cancer battle and sadly he lost that fight a few days ago.

So Dad here's to another year.  Cecelia reminds me of you with her creativity and her kind heart, the little one has for certain your sense of humor.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Last day of 3rd grade

This year has been a learning experience for us all, Celia is growing up and entering into that tween stage.  We have to give her some independence but still deal with the fact that she is a little girl.  Anyone that questions that their 9 year old is still a little girl needs to eyeball a 16 year old.  They are still little.

But Celia has grown in all areas, she is so much taller and she has matured.  She is compassionate and bright.  This year she gained more independence in doing school work on her own.  For the 2nd half of the year I felt as if I barely had to deal with her school work, she just did it.  Of course 3rd grade did have to throw in a big project during the last weeks of school.  Don't they know we limp to the finish line???  

First day

Last day