Sunday, August 22, 2010

Parking Lot Birthday Photos

On September 5th, Celia will turn 3.  I can not believe it!! I am not one that wants to go back and capture her at a younger age or even wants her to slow down.  Honestly, Celia gets more and more enjoyable to me as she gets older.  I think that "wow" this is definately the point that I want to last awhile and then she changes and I think she is even more amazing.  So keep on growing little one, I can't wait to see what age 3 brings.  We have been warned that this year is worse then age 2 but you know what, really, age 2 wasn't all that bad.  This year Celia I get to spend part of it at home with you (and your sister). 

2008- Age 1

2009- Age 2

2010- Age 3

Oh and after my birth center appointment, we got Celia's hair trimmed.  In that complex, they have this fountain that she loves.  I took this photo and then laughed because as you can see she is definately climbing the fountain, I encouraged it... Evidently it isn't allowed.  You can't really see it in the photo at this size, but there is a sign that says no climbing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Celia and I were away for nearly 3 weeks!  We went to visit my Mom, sister and her family for a few days prior to heading to the Outerbanks.  Pete came down and left one day earlier then my Mom, Celia, and I for the beach.  This worked out perfect because he dealt with the beach traffic, got some time to himself and opened the house for us!  We drove down with no traffic.  Our vacation was great but the water was a bit unpredictable.  One day it was warm but rough and filled with jelly fish, the next day it would be calmer but ice cold, then we got some super rough days with no jelly fish...  I was able to get in on a few occassions, one in which it was super calm and I just floated on a tube.  I did discover that on that day it was filled with seaweed, found that out when I removed my bathing suit at the house and was covered with seaweed on my back!!

Celia loved the pool and her floats that we got her.  She warmed up to the ocean the last few days of vacation.  She didn't mind the sand though and enjoyed playing in it.  She has a cute little tan, despite lathering on a lot of SPF 50 kids sunscreen.  Celia and I also enjoys story time and a Wizard of Oz sing a long at the nearby park.  Mom and I went for daily walks with Celia in the BOB.  It was humid and we were dripping by the end, but it felt awesome to continue my workouts.  That makes pregnancy so much easier!!

I should give Celia a huge compliment as she was the best traveler I could have asked for.  She entertained her self with a music cd player, her dollies, and drawing.  Basically she talked a lot!  I have no really worries about traveling with her now.  Of course, no extended trips are planned for quite awhile!


Oh and 26 week belly picture.  Not impressive I guess, Pete even claims in this picture that I am pushing my belly out.  I still feel great and have no real preggo complaints!!


I likely will do two posts today.  But I felt compelled to write something after finding out that one of my former swim coaches passed away.  I should clarify that my exposure with him as a swim coach was limited.  My sister knew him far better then I ever did but growing up I viewed him honestly as this spectacular man.  I heard over and over about "Coach Hay" and how great he was and especialy how great his children were as swimmers.  At least to me, I alwasy remember him as soft spoken more often then not be having the ability to raise his voice among noisy swimmers.  He coached with my primary coach for awhile at our local YMCA and we also knew him through our summer swim team. 

Check out this fabulous article about him. 

It was interesting that this happened because Celia has made me think a lot about swimming.  We just returned from 3 weeks away and prior to that she was a bit hesitant about the pool.  After a few days at my sister's community pool and 2 weeks at our beach house community pool, she is a fish.  She clings to her little float and kicks all around.  She also wanted to practice swimming by having me hold her and she would kick and try to move her arms.  At her age I was swimming, primarily swimming all over the bottom of the pool, but definatly water safe. I preferred to be on the bottom, I honestly continue to be that way- if I wouldn't look so silly now. I give my mother credit for that as she introduced me very early to the water.  I was on a swim team at age 4.  I looked at my little fish and wondered if that is what track she might choose.

I was never an amazing swimmer, I had my accomplishments at different ages.  But I think that honestly I burnt out after so many years and it was'nt as important to me by the time I was a senior in highschool.  So I will give Celia some lessons in the Spring and we will see where her little heart takes her.  I want exercise to be part of her life in some form.  But swimming was honestly a mega time committment and swim meets were all day/ weekend events.  My mother is likely reading this and saying "yes, I know, I did it all, and I did a lot of it by myself- oh and remember when I had to drop you off for highschool swimming at 5 am, that was fun".  Yes..  but it actualy was fun for me!  It was our life for many, many, many years.  We were swimmers and that is what consumed us, meets on the weekend, practice during the week.  Summer swimming wasn't as bad, so maybe that is the way to go.  But highschool, Y team, and summer team- that is when it got insane!

So who knows what Celia will choose- swimming, fencing, ballet, tennis, gymnastics...