Friday, September 16, 2016


At age 9 you have a lot of opinions about many things.  
Okay, let's face it from the moment you could talk you had a lot of opinions that you expressed with a large vocabulary.  You don't like tight clothes, in fact they are very offensive and you will squirm and pull at them until you make them loose.  That makes leggings under dresses HARD.  

You love to read, in fact reading is quite hazardous for you.  If you have a very good book you will walk around the house or from the bus or anywhere reading while I tell you to look out for certain things.  This does get frustrating when we are in a hurry and you believe that you can read and get ready at the same time (you can't).  You love graphic novels and you are Rick Riordan's number 1 fan. You love anything about greek mythology.  You love Calvin and Hobbes, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and The Far Side.  You aren't too big yet for a good picture book read to you.

You antagonize your sister A LOT.  In fact I think that sometimes you wake up with the goal of making her furious.  This is new.  But… you are also a very good big sister and the two of you are best friends.  Your other best friend is Vanessa and I hope that continues for a long time because she is an awesome friend to both you and Audrey.  You think your sister is the funniest thing on earth and she can make you laugh harder then anyone else on the planet.

You are now in Junior Choir at church and you love to sing.  I love to listen to you sing too.  In fact I mention songs that I want you to memorize and often you can sing it for me the next day.  You are a great little swimmer and had an awesome summer swim season.   You continue to love legos and there are still Saturday mornings in which we wake to the "swish, swish, swish" of you sifting through your lego bins.  The tweenage years are approaching and sometimes you are not as agreeable.  But even when you are emotional you are always quick to give a hug.  You are compassionate to others and if someone is not feeling great, you are right by their side.  

For your birthday you got a Kindle e-reader which you really wanted.  I love that you also got toys, Calico Critters and a Ken Doll.  You are also into the game Clue and your Aunt Susie got that for you.  You love to draw and are quite the little artist.  Aunt Vickie gifted you with a doodle crate box and Mom Mom gave you a gift cards and a box full of sewing items.  You actually used the Joann gift card to buy some fleece and sewed an entire blanket which you have been dragging around the house.

Here's to another year little girl.  

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Parking lot baby turns 9











Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to School Cuteness

Both girls seem to have had a good but tiring first week of school.  Celia was at least exhausted by the end of the week.  Audrey has liked school and I think she is talking?  So that is good.  I did have an interesting conversation with her Thursday though..  She has not gone to "school" on Fridays since she was 2.  She said to me "Tomorrow is Friday and I don't have school".  I agreed because the district was closed but then I thought about it.  I said "Well you know that normally you will be going to school on Friday, right?"  She looked at me and said "What?"..  So we had a little talk and she reluctantly agreed that she remembered the conversation we had over the summer and in the spring about the fact that school is 5 days a week.  I think she was hoping that had changed.  But for the most part she is enjoying it, just not as much as she enjoys having some freedom.  Who can blame her!!

The pink converse..

Pink kitty backpack, thank you Mom Mom
Celia is rough on back packs and Audrey's stuff usually lasts forever.
Let's see how her Target back pack holds up to Lands End this year!
Celia's Lands End back did not hold up so we took them on their word of 100% satisfaction and had it replaced.
I don't know if it was the bag's fault or the child's fault.  I sort of love her for that, it makes her Celia.

When the two of them go off to middle school and leave her is when I will shed some tears.
Or maybe their teenage moods will leave Audrey more then happy for some alone time….