Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Last week we had a very unexpected snow storm.  I knew nothing about the white stuff until I think Monday morning.  I am a snow watcher, I can tell you when snow is in the forecast as soon as it comes up on any number of news websites.  My first reaction on Monday morning was to turn to Pete and say "why wasn't I told about this?"  He was curious about that too, but he could care less because he was leaving for a business trip prior to it's arrival.  So on Tuesday the storm came earlier then expected and gave us about a foot of snow.  It has been quite awhile since we had experienced that much snow and the timing was perfect for school closures- for two days.  It is not often that we have 2 days in a row off of school in our area for snow.  But record low temperatures also helped for a snow day.  I will admit, I loved having Celia home some extra days!

On Tuesday morning I prepared to have the girls inside for awhile because the temperatures were going to drop into the single digits and so snow playing was likely going to be limited.  I bundled up the girls before the full brunt of the storm arrived and we went to the park.  Of course the snow came earlier and steadier then predicted and while we were at the park I discovered that I was too cold and that sliding and swinging at the park with snow was not as fun as it sounded.  So we drove into town, grabbed some pretzels, and headed home to stay for the day!  It was pretty to see, but very cold.

I forget why they were out in the snow in the dark, they just were out in the snow in the dark.

A blurry picture, but our adventure to the park at the start of the snow.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sisterly Love, sort of

I looked over at the girls watching something and thought, oh how sweet.
It looks like Audrey is getting her hair stroked by Celia.
In general, they are usually loving to each other, we are very lucky.
In this case though it was different…
A few seconds after I looked over I heard Audrey say 
I asked Celia what she was really doing
"Oh petting the kitty"

I am sure it was Audrey's request.  
If you look closely 
she is wearing Hello Kitty Jammies
She is laying on floppy kitty
Hello Kitty is beside her
Orange Kitty is between her legs
Can we say CAT HOARDER!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Green Tunnel Slide

I take my kiddos out in the cold and Audrey never complains, Celia has always had an opinion about it.  It warmed up in the afternoon but it was quite chilly when I took Audrey to the park but again, she could care less!  Maybe it is a good jacket and hat, I am not sure but she is a trooper.  Of course Celia has always felt very free with expressing her opinions about discomfort.

There is a tunnel slide at the park that Audrey has always shied away from.  In general, Audrey is a fairly adventurous little girl and is willing to try a lot.  But she has certain things that just make her uncomfortable and this tunnel slide has been an issue for awhile.  She likes going down it but only on my lap.  This particular tunnel slide is really not made for adults at all, getting in it is no big deal, but getting out of it is annoying.  So I decided that it was the day to get her to go down.  So after a lot of coaxing and a lot of rides with Mommy, she finally did it!!

Checking it out from below

Climbing up and counting the steps.
I have to incorporate some sort of academic learning into this adventure

Telling Mommy that she doesn't think she can get in it her self
I talked her through it

And there she goes!!!

I have to display this highly informative sign put in a short trail near our house.
We live right next to university property and they felt the need to indicate that you can walk that way or this way.  No words, just that.  It is a chained off trail so very few vehicles travel that road except for I guess special events or special needs.  But someone felt the need to put this in.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sometimes anything just cracks her up, especially if her sister is present.
If you say Butt or Bottom in front of her it will make her day.

Personality.  She has a lot of it.
She is my Magic Tree House reading, little artist, "always so bored",
sweet little girl.

Her teacher says she is the sweetest little girl EVER.
I would say 80% of the time, but that 20% gets her in a boat load of trouble.
Oh and she hisses now.  Yep.  I never thought I would use this phrase as a parent.
"Audrey, you are not cat, when you are angry you do not hiss"

Roller skates!!  Celia and I went rollerskating together 2 weeks ago.
We need to do it again, it was fun!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Week

I have been trying to post at least two times a week.  This week I just did not get to it.  I worked 3 days this week, not sure if that was smart right after a long break or not, just made it feel long!  Actually the week started out very long.

Monday it was in the 60s in the morning but rainy.  My car would not start.  We had 8 inches of snow the previous Friday and wind chills that were dangerously low.  So I think it sort of messed with my car (though the dealer said that it absolutely could not in a camry, of course).  In any case I did not find out that it was doing this until I got in the car with Celia, Audrey, and our neighbor Amber.  I take Amber and Celia to their bus stops.  So it would not start,  I called Pete and AAA.  Then we set out in the pouring rain and wind to try to catch Amber's bus, we had already missed Celia's bus.   I told Amber to walk ahead as with Celia and Audrey, we were slow.  She was able to make it to the bus stop just in time to see her bus pull out of the neighborhood.  We arrived back to meet Pete who had to turn around when he was 3/4 of the way to work and he did not expect to have to also drive Amber to school.  Panicking about arriving late to work and having to do all this was a little frustrating, understandably so.  In any case he went to my car to grab Celia's book bag and tried to start my car.  What do you think happened????  Yep, started right away.  Luckily I had Amber to back me up that the car would not start and that I tried it many, many times.  The service tech at the dealer said that it sounded like a computer hiccup, thanks for the technical reason.  No issues since then!!

Tuesday the high temperature was 9 I believe or something like that.  When I drove the girls to the bus stop it was 1 degree.

As you see it did warm up a bit while we were waiting for the bus.  Break out the swim suits.

Audrey at least was entertained by some of her new toys while being stuck in the house this week. Her aunt gave her this stuffed Doc McStuffins back pack.  For the first few days after she received it she did not take it off.  Don't you love the little braids!!!

Celia was okay going back to school this week.  I think that the excitement of arriving late on Monday helped her.  She basically thought it was great!  The goofy girl.  The only problem this week was some rough days in which she was just plain tired and that equals grouchiness and hyperactivity in Celia.  We got through it, onto another week!

Monday, January 6, 2014


We loved this movie.  If you have seen it you will know which song she is singing and why she pauses in some spots and does some voices in between.  I have no idea how she learns songs so fast.

Friday, January 3, 2014

My New Camera

Everyone has been the victim of my new camera, I am testing it out.  I did capture some pretty pictures of the snow as it fell last night that were great because it was dark and I did not need the flash!

 Even eating a cracker, she does not take a bad picture!
 Three pants, two jackets, two hats, super duper mittens and girl friend could barely move. 
But she did not get cold in the 17 degree weather
 This is my favorite photo so far taken by the camera, the lighting just is perfect and I love it.
Her new Landsend jacket is amazing, Celia does not like to be cold. 
She will let the world know when she is cold and she was fine in that coat with only a thin shirt underneath.  Along with thick pants and heavy duty snow pants of course- oh and the two hats.
 And this is where the "everyone has been a victim" of my camera shooting comes.  Poor baby.  The bed head is just too much.  She is wearing a sun dress too and holding her pants.  There is this wacky trend at nap time, she is trying out sleeping with various "fancy" dresses.  Her Easter dress from last season is a favorite, that poofy, fancy dress should get some extra use I suppose!
There he is.  If I take too many of him, my camera may be returned.
But not a bad picture

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Our Year in Review

Drug the girls in the cold to Tyler in January
Enjoying days with no school or work for Mom
We got our one bigger snowfall during the winter of 2013


Enjoying Longwood.  The girls discovered that they love sitting smooshed up
together in the Longwood strollers!

We had a great Valentines day.  We made our own Valentine this year.
The girls and I got into Science Experiments and some sensory play this month.
We found out that although Audrey does not like to get her hands dirty, painting her tummy and body is A-Ok.


The beginning of the month brought a horrible illness for me.  I think that since Pete and I have been married, I have not been that sick.  We made it through though and Pete was Mr. Mom for about 4 days, we all survived!

We had wars over icepacks.  Yep, the girls had all out arguments over who got to play with that one specific ice pack.  I still do not get it.

We had some fun at Longwood and my Mom came for a visit


Oh this month was sad.  We lost Granny.

We also went to Virginia to spend some time with my Mom, my sister, my niece and nephew
These are pictures at the Science Museum
I think Audrey is carrying around a cat, that hasn't changed!

Celia participated in the Healthy Running Kids Series
 Audrey went to the dentist for the first time

Mornings are just a party full of fun at our house.
No I documented this because of Audrey's typical wild hair and usually she is the grumpy one.
No one can "wook" at her or talk to her- except Mommy.
Celia got her medal for the Healthy Running Kids Series 
I got my medal from the Wilmington 1/2 marathon that I race walked.
They are just really cute.  Audrey finds her voice a bit more and sticks up for herself when she is with Celia.  She is still calling her Boo this month

We visited Aunt Susie, Uncle Jon, and Cole in Ligonier at the beginning of the month
It was a lot of fun!
My Baby graduated from Pre-K this month
We welcomed Katie for a week.  Really, Katie we honestly anticipate your 
visit starting in the Spring and the summer seems to fall in line with
"before Katie came" and "after Katie came".  Feel very important.

Celia did lesson team at our swim club.  It was the first summer we joined a swim club.
We loved the pool!

We had fun in the pool
 The girls and I had fun at our friends beach house

I worked for the first time in a long time this summer, it was actually ok!
There was also another summer of Vacation Bible School which Celia loved.


The beach, August will always be for the beach!
Grandma and Grandpa joined us this year which was a surprise for the girls!


She turned 6, she went to Kindergarten.

 Her first kid party
 She was happy, we celebrate that always!

Discovered Audrey loved a local Natural History Museum
 Celia is my little scholar, showing off projects from school
 Halloween- Sofia the First and Cinderalla
 Fun trip to the Science Factory and then to Grandma and Grandpas house for a visit

Guess who turned 3!!
 She did a great job in her Thanksgiving show
 Celia had a great time on Grandparents day and looked so cute in her uniform
 She still wears the crown

Celia let me put her hair up.
Folks, it is a moment in time, it never happens, so I had to add that in here
 Christmas morning was a hit

The girls though were most excited about spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Honestly, they would have given up some of their gifts.

Oh we had our first snowfall too.  A big celebration as the white stuff has been absent for awhile around here!

Here's to an amazing 2014