Sunday, July 19, 2009

20 Years

I don't have a picture of my Father on my computer, I really should. I just don't. 20 years ago we were at a Greenwood vs Wedgewood Swim meet (we were Wedgewood). My father had a fatal heart attack at the meet. It has been 20 years since that happened. It is really hard to believe that he has missed so very much. It is important to me that he is remembered. When Celia is old enough I will certainly talk about him with her.

My father had the most amazing sense of humor and he could make his voice change in an instant to impersonate someone or just to be silly. He was extremly patient and very kind. He loved painting and was a very talented artist. He also loved carpentry. I just took my dollhouse out of storage recently and I am amazed at what he made me. I received that one Christmas morning, decorated with Christmas lights. He was simply just an amazing person, you met him once and you liked him. I can't say he was perfect, he wasn't. We loved him for those faults too. I know my Mom was always very frustrated about his talent for forgetting things- his car almost always had a post note on the dash reminding him of something!

So Daddy you've missed quite a bit. More swim meets, graduations, weddings, moves, grandchildren, life, and love. We all miss you and you will be remembered.


katie said...

i didn't realize you lost your dad, too. it is so painful even after years past and all they miss. sending hugs! know that he is with you everyday.

Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

What a loving tribute! Thank you for sharing that. I'd venture a guess that while he wasn't physically present for all those milestones, he was right over your shoulder all the time.

Tracy said...

I can't believe its been that long. It just seems like yesterday, but it also feels like forever. I loved him telling stories. and how he used to tease Mom, and Mom Mom. He was the "funny" uncle. I remember when your mom and dad used to come visit us on Christmas (before you guys were here), and I knew that the real reason they were there was to play with Kelly's and my new toys.. He loved to play games with us. I remember I was sick one time and he brought me paper dolls. He is remembered by so many people, and I know that when you start telling Cecelia all about him, she will know what a special guy he was.