Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Parking Lot Baby Turns 11 (2018 pictures by Pete)













Monday, August 27, 2018

Back to School

Well it's done...  Back to reality, back to school!  Luckily swimming does not start for 2 weeks and Auds does not have a soccer game until 9/8.  So a bit of an ease into reality.

Ms. Audrey is headed into her last year with her sister at her school (until high school).
She is in class with her good friend and neighbor which makes her very happy.

Ms. Cecelia is going into her last year of elementary school.
She is also taking on winter swimming this year!

I am so happy to have been able to spend the summer with these two girls.
I will miss them (shh... don't tell them).
But I know that as with every school year, they will grow, have fun, and make some new friends.

So here we go girls, onward and upward to a great school year for all of us.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Beach Trip

The girls and I are not ready to go back to reality so we soaked up this last celebration of summer with our beach trip.  Enjoy some pictures from our first few days.  On this trip, Audrey for some reason reverted back to age 4 when Mommy had to be in the water with her at all times.  I have no idea why that happened this trip but I was in that water ALOT.   I am talking hours at a time, even though she will argue it was not enough.  But the water was gorgeous this trip and never really got very rough.

It should be noted that Audrey caught more fish then Pete this trip and she never actually went fishing.  Randomly she caught a fish in her hand and we kept him in a bucket for a little bit.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 19th

In May I did something I have never done, I left my family for a weekend.  It was good for them, I should do it more often!!

I should do it when it is for a vacation but to be honest my weekend was a very nice break.  I volunteered for Camp Erin.  It is part of the Moyer Foundation and the camps are for children ages 6 to 17 who have had someone in their life die.  It doesn't have to be a parent, just someone who was important in their lives.  Most of the campers were first time campers and a few repeaters.  I was on the snacks and comfort committee which I think was a good.  I had no campers to ask to brush teeth or to help put to bed so it was a break.  Everyone was very nice and it was a fun experience.  Yup I said that right, a bereavement camp was fun.  The camp is primarily for kids to have fun, with a little serious mixed in, but just a good time.  I will 100% to it again.

I doubt I would have done such a thing if my Dad had not died so many years ago on this day.  There was a candle lighting ceremony that was amazing and as you crossed over a bridge the kids had decorated lanterns for the person who died.  95% of these lanterns were for fathers.

And Dad send a little push to your youngest grandkid as she swims butterfly in league champs this year.  Lift up that arm that seems to stop moving 3/4 of the way to the end.  In my opinion 7 year olds should not be swimming butterfly, but she is trying to prove me wrong.  Okay maybe some crazy coaches are trying to prove me wrong.  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Prime Day Fail

Dear Amazon, you had our hopes up for great deals.
Instead you entertained Audrey with puppies.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018

Our start to summer

I often feel like my 3 weeks off at the start of summer are filled with trying to get the house clean and things sorted out and projects completed.  I don't feel that urgency this summer so I am trying to really get the girls out of the house more (besides swim team).  I now feel like school and work ended a month ago, not 10 days ago!

We started off the summer weekend with Father's Day, along with some little things before that like testing out a new donut store owned by Audrey's friend's parents and walking into town to the YMCA (Audrey road her bike and about took Celia and I out a few times)

Tuesday we had our swim team picture and Cure for Cam activity (fun relays with the team that raises money for pediatric cancer research).  Our team is 250 kids strong.

I took the girls and a friend to the Natural History Museum but the main exhibit had ended so it was a little bit of a bust.  We still had fun, it was just quick.  We did a lunch in town last week with some walking around town which was fun.  The girls seem to be able to walk for longer periods of time and like exploring down town.  Our town is large but down town is a very neat little area.  The girls tried out one of the cookie dough places in town (amazingly we have 3) and were not fans at all.

Our membership to an arboretum about 40 min away was expiring at the end of June so today we went for one last trip.  The membership was reciprocal with places closer to us however the rules changed recently and it is no longer reciprocal so we likely won't renew but it is a neat place!  The outdoor train exhibit was amazing.

They have this spider web/climbing area that is high up in trees that the girls love to walk and lay on.

The girls do school work in the summer and we started the Monday after school ended.  I only gave them the Friday after school as a free day (weekends are off though) because if I let it go too long they REALLY fight me on it.  It is so routine to our summers that they just expect it now.  This year I decided to throw in some homework time in which they must do work themselves.  It helps that they are usually doing it while I make dinner.  Audrey was doing a sight word coloring sheet and Celia had a book report post card to complete which was assigned to 3rd to 5th graders as summer work (they have to complete 3).

No pictures, but we did have our first swim meet on Saturday in the rain as usual.   Both girls swam well.  We have another meet this coming Wednesday and Celia is hoping to swim breast stroke and not butterfly like she had to on Saturday!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last Day



It was so hard to get the beginning side by side pictures!  But the side by side pictures show the first day and then the last day.  The girls are super excited to start the summer!!