Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update with no pictures

I have superloaded the blog with photos and I still do have some more snowy photos but I am feeling too lazy to load them right now.  I am also bummed.  We have 28 inches outside- 28 mind you!  I don't have off tomorrow, I have a 2 hr delay.  What does it take to get a snow day???  7 years ago when we got less, about 20 inches, it took the area 3 days to clean up.  We had off from school 2 days (it would have been 3 but that Monday was president's day).  So the large amounts of snow mean nothing really this year.  I love it but I need my snowdays!  I suppose 2 hr delays are better then nothing.

In anycase, I have done a tremendous amount of cooking this weekend so the freezer has some new things in it. 

Friday I made muffins.
Saturday- 2 Potpies, the filling for a 3rd
Sunday- The crust for the 3rd potpie and baked that, 2 1/2 freezer containers of taco soup, a whole chicken, and crescent chicken is cooking for tomorrow's meal.  I am hoping to freeze half of that.  Oh and apple crisp for dessert.  I have the chicken carcass in the freezer, ready for a chicken soup.

I need to do this again.  Having the freezer filling up again is satisfying!!

Please send happy, happy, snowday thoughts for me on Wednesday.  We are expecting another storm Tuesday night.  Oh and please send prayers to my sister that my niece goes back to school sometime this week.  She had off all but one day last week and they just got more snow this weekend.  My niece doesn't have school tomorrow again!  My sister is going to go nuts.


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