Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lots of the White and Silly Stuff!

So about an houur ago they just updated our snow totals to between 20 to 28 inches!  Maybe I will have a two hour delay on Monday.  The last storm when we got 18-20 inches I had a two hour delay.  In Richmond they would be shut down for a week.  As a teacher with snow days built into the school year, I am bitter about this.  Of course I have the disadvantage of living outside of my school's county and we do typically get more here.  Pete thinks I am crazy, I am when it comes to snow.  I get excited about it, I watch every single news broadcast (until I eventualy do get bored).

So what has Celia been doing so far on this snowy day? 

Pulling her toy drawer chest out of it's spot to make her "grocery" list.  Evidently no one has told her that they have banned 2 year olds on trikes for a long time.

Removing some drawers from her toy chest and cracking her self up

Did you notice the curls, still there- until after she lays down!! 
Oh and currently she is traveling up and down the stairs to bring Daddy various play food items.  I have been told he needs cereal bars, eggs, pizza, and coffee.

Here are some snow pictures

Check out the table in the deck photo!  That was taken about 2 hours ago and the snow is coming down heavily.  28 inches would be cool to see, I don't think we will get quite that much.  My prediction is around 22 inches.  Getting out of the house is going to be interesting, the snow is piled against our door.  I guess we should shovel some out of the way.  I will update with pictures later.

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