Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day and Need Help

We had a snow day today- Celia and I.  Pete went to work.  Yesterday, Celia had a snow day and both Pete and I had to go to work.  I took a half day and Celia spent the morning with our neighbors.  We both have colds so it was also a somewhat sick afternoon.  Amazingly my cold feels like just a tiny, itty bitty one but was kicking me terribly yesterday. 

In anycase..  This is what Celia wore over to our neighbor's house- oh plus a coat.

This is what she did this morning, then melted down into a tiny mess as Mommy evidently went past that "magic" time when she was just ready for her nap and went into the toddler monster stage. 

Stuck a huge amount of coins in her pockets

Sat on the couch, smiling because she was able to stuff a huge amount of gold coins in her pockets.  Interestingly, underneath her, inside places in the couch that my hands can not reach are an equal amount of coins.  Is it odd to that my child can still wear 18 month pants and she isn't all that tiny?

I have no idea.  It involved toilet training the baby, spilling a pile of coins, and then sweeping.
"washing" dishes

There was also some time spent watching Handy Manny, playing on starfall with Mommy, going over letters, singing Mat Man, baking cookies, and playing with playdough.  Oh yes and some vaccuuming- from the big one, that one that she is scared of.  She wasn't thrilled but the downstairs needed it.  She also vaccuumed with her talking and groaning vaccuum.

Okay onto the help part.  For the 3 readers that read my blog.  I need help with a blank spot in my kitchen.  I am honestly so sick of my house right now and I am just taking things slowly.  I want to really organize things and make the house look nice.  But that process is so super slow.

Here is my favorite part of the house

Except for the vaccuum cleaner handle on the side, this corner is put together.  I love it.  It is perfect.  This is in the corner of the kitchen.

Here is above my hutch in my kitchen.

That whole wall is blank.  I need something to go there.  No Pete we can not put a flat screen tv there.  I was thinking about a chalk board or cork board but am afraid that could get messy looking.  I just don't know.  Any ideas??

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Tracy's Big Adventure said...

Carrie; 1st suggestion is to paint the whole wall with blackboard paint. You can then draw things on for the holidays.. and Cecelia can join in.. or you can paint an area with blackboard paint and frame it with wood molding, with a ledge for chalk. a pretty easy home project. You could also paint the wall, but add wainscoating on the bottom half. We have small wall done that way in the basement. I thought it would be fun to write drink recipes (as this is the bar area).. and what spirits and beer we have on hand.. but the kids have had fun with drawing things on the wall... actually we are going to do one of Tate's walls so he can graffittee and just wipe it away... you could write recipes or grocery lists.. or better yet.. your menu....