Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dear Cecelia,

I love you.  Tonight I looked at you for awhile and I just melted.  You were standing in the bathroom in your footy pink Monkey pajamas and hanging onto a stuffed moose that you were calling a puppy.  You were holding this little stuffed moose as though he were your favorite lovey, even though you just found him 2 minutes earlier.  Goodness you were cute.  Of course at the time you were explaining to me that I needed to get off the toilet because it was time to share with you.  You know Mommy has no privacy.  When it was your turn on the toilet, I had to shut the door and give you some privacy. 
I soaked you up this evening little girl.  I sniffed your sweet hair after your shower and rocked you a little when you were cuddled in your towel.  You like to pretend you are a baby sometimes and I am okay with that.  Tonight, I didn't get frustrated when all you wanted to do was be in my arms even though I needed to make dinner.  Perogies and green peas and sliced apples can certainly be made with a two year old on your hip.  I didn't get frustrated because tonight at least I had looked at you and realized that you are growing up.  I don't want to make time stand still or go back little girl, I don't.  I don't because every day that I am with you, you seem to get even more cute.  I am glad when I have these soaking in days.  You will only be this little this one day, tomorrow you will be older.
When I came to pick you up today, you were crying.  You had an argument with your friend Ben and I was told that it wasn't your fault.  I was surprised because my sweet little girl, you tend to be the instigator.  But in a rare moment, it was Ben and you were terribly upset.  So it was nice in a way, to have you welcome my arrival and sink into Mommy.  Usualy when I come to pick you up at school, you don't want to go home.  Today, despite your tears, it was the same.  It is nice to know that you love school.
I do love you so much.  I even love the fact that you have to sleep with two wash rags, wet in one spot.  You have to smear chapstick all over your face and drink a million sips of water.  You have to cling to me and tell me that you are going to cry if I leave.  So I stay a few extra moments and then my little one, I do tell you that I am leaving and you can cry if you want to.  You are not that happy about that but you do accept it.
I love you Cecelia.  You exhaust me some days, but I really love you.

Love, Mommy


Sara said...

A beautiful post...

Sara said...

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susie said...

this is my favorite post ever. she is definitely sweet, i completely agree;) can't wait to see you guys again!