Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monkeytastic Unbelievable

That is right- we have already gotten more then a foot more snow and likely will get another 6 inches at least.  It really just doesn't seem like anything though because there was already so much snow out there to begin with.  Basically there are white outs all over the area and we are considered in a Blizzard.

I believe it as we were out not too long ago.  A neighbor's tree fell down and Pete and two other neighbors helped to move some of the limbs.  It was quite bad.

Pete is thinks he is going into work tomorrow.  I feel safe in saying, there will not be school tomorrow.  Skeptics are 100% agreeing on that.  Pictures maybe later!

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Elle said...

Hi Carrie, I saw you left a comment, thank you! We did get an amazing amount of snow, I can't wait to take the little one out in it.
I wish you the very best in your TTC journey. I'm familiar with the ups and downs.
Good luck to you!
BTW, I read your birth story, unbelievable! :)