Saturday, February 6, 2010

2nd Snow Report

Pete is infuriating me by saying that there is no way we will have a snow day on Monday.  This is likely the biggest snow storm in history here.  I think we should have a day!  I am optimistic, definately a 2 hr. delay.  What do you think FIL?  Don't you think I will have off, you are always reasonable!  I mean the major roads are one thing, the side streets are another.  We haven't ventured out yet, but I want to.  I just might after lunch or after Celia's nap.  So what have we been up to while this has been going?

Valentines Day is coming and Celia has lots of Valentines to make!!  She practiced her cutting (I turned the paper for her).  She primarily cut out the hearts that are shown on the kitchen table.  She liked the fancy edge scissors and did very well with it.  The hearts right below were done by placing them in a box with a painted ball.  She loved it.  We sang "rock, rock, rock the boat" to rock the box.  Pete tried to help her and used a different song.  She quickly informed him that was'nt the right song.

Oh we also used some stampers.  We used some big stampers from Mom Mom and some smaller stampers from Cousin Mikki.  I am not loving the stampers as much because she tends to set them down any where.  The washable stamp pads that we have are not as washable as I would like!

So I wonder what more we could do today!

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