Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Weekend- from Audrey

Well, this weekend we did a few things. On Saturday, they had me hang out while Mom and Dad sorted through a bunch of Daddy's shirts and my big sister harrassed me. 

But, here is the nice clean closet now.  Mommy sorted through her stuff on Thursday.... while my big sister harrassed me.  Do you notice a trend there?

Mommy is excited because she is trying out this new idea.  She is going to turn around the hangers in her closet.  When she wears something, then she will put the hangers back in the right direction.  At the end of the season, the hangers that are facing the wrong direction will tell her that she doesn't really wear those clothes.  I find it funny that Daddy has more clothes then Mommy, but oh well..  You should see my sister's closet, she has lots and lots of clothes!!  Mommy says it is cool because almost all of them were free.

After big sis woke up from her nap, we went to get something called Ritas.  I was not allowed to eat it but had a good time hanging out in the Moby wrap.  Okay so Saturday night we went out to eat with our friends at Wegmans.  I hung out in the Ergo which I need to talk to Mommy about.  I am not so sure if I am tall enough yet for that thing as I really am getting sick of looking at people through her armpit. 

Saturday night I decided to wake up every 90 minutes to nurse, a girl has to grow- right??  One of those times though I woke up because Big Sis also woke up.  She was yelling at Mommy about something so I decided it would be a good time for another snack.  Mommy was up anyway, right!  Mommy and I slept in a little, okay slept in and I had a few more snacks while Daddy to Big Sis to the pancake store.

I took a nap shortly after Big Sis got home and then for some odd reason, Mommy woke me up from my nap.  I find it confusing, they want me to sleep and then they wake me up.  They need to make up their minds.  I took a ride in the double stroller to a local park for a craft/music festival.   Big Sis got a balloon and hit me 32 times with it on the way home, I counted. 

We hung out in the afternoon and played, Daddy did a lot of laundry.  I army crawled a tiny bit, I don't know what that is but Mommy kept telling Daddy- "Hey, I think she moved forward a few times".  Hmm... I will have to try and practice that again.  But Mommy suggested I work on sitting up better.  She made Aunt Vickie's La Bamba casserole last night and everyone loved it, but again, not tastes for me.  Mommy said something about trying oatmeal in a week though!

Oh and this morning, Mommy got frustrated I think.  Big Sis got her transparent egg (some experiment she did with vinegar and an egg) out of the fridge and Mommy told her to put it back but it was too late- it broke.  It was all over the floor and Big Sis.  Mommy hosed Big Sis down and cleaned the floor.  I have no idea why she almost lost it when I then spit up just a little, I mean it just covered one whole leg of her jeans and about a 2 foot circle on the floor.  No big deal.  It really didn't get on me, that is all that mattered.

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