Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Celia has her first swim lessons today.  I found a very good deal at a place that has a very tiny pool but very good ratings.   I knew she was excited but I did not know how excited until she woke me up at 11 pm last night.  No.. she did not wake me up asking me when she was going, it was a request for water.  So I got up and got her water.  The whole time, half awake I am trying to figure what it is that she does not look right on her.   Then it hit me.

Me:  Celia, what are you wearing
Celia:  My swimsuit
Me:  Why?
Celia:  So I will be already for swimming
Me: Oh.  Well it is not for a long time, let's change back into your pjs
Celia:  Ooookay (if she had said no I would have gone with that option too)

I will let you know how the lesson goes!!

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