Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 months

weight 15.4 lbs, 25 to 30%
height 25.5 inches 25 to 30%
head big

Well the first thing you can see is that I can sit up all by myself and I am pretty stable.  I also have plumped up the body a bit.  See my squishable legs.  I am still petite but definately not skinny.  I still love music just as much and I crack up for my big sis all the time.  I am grabbing things more and tranferring them between hands.  I am so close to crawling but since I don't practice that often, Mommy thinks it will be a few weekd.  I tried food and my tummy did not appreciate it so we will give it a try again soon.  I am sleeping in my crib every night now and I get up anywhere between 2 and 100 x a night ( i think Mom exaggerates on the 100).

Clothes and Diapers:  I am in 3 to 6 month clothing and that fits me well.  Mommy has said I am going to wear whatever we have in the closet even if it is big for the summer.  I am wearing my best bottom diapers the most and have outgrown some small pocket diapers and covers.  Newborn prefolds trifolded still work well. 

I think my favorite toys right now are keys and paper.  I also love elmo and the leapfrog learning table.  I look longingly at my swing but Mommy does not let me in there very often. You try to turn over in there one too many times,  almost doing a flip and she gets a little nervous, sheese.  I am hanging out in the Ergo and Moby now and loving them.  I like to face in the most and not out in the Moby mom has found because if I get overstimulated I like to hide my face.  I am a bit shy too.

Oh and aren't I unbelievably cute???


Pat said...

Yes, Audrey you are unbelievable cute. Mom Mom

Vickie said...

Yes Audreay you are so cute but don't tell your sister I told you so!