Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Months

Audrey turned 5 months on Easter.  Funny, holidays are really her thing this year.  She was born the day before Thanksgiving, she celebrated her 1 month birthday on Christmas Eve, 5 months on Easter, and she will turn 1 on Thanksgiving this year!  Celia is my Labor day/ weekend girl, I guess we have a thing for the holidays.

In anycase.  I know that Audrey has grown some this month, but I won't have a weight or height until she is 6 months old. 

Clothing size:  Okay, almost out of all 0 to 3 month clothes however you are still fitting most 0 to 3 month pants very well.  You can wear 3 to 6 month clothing and I have a feeling you will grow out of those a lot faster then any other size but who knows!!  I do know that whether you fit into them or not you will be wearing primarily 6 to 9 month clothing and some 9 to 12 month clothing this summer!!  Sorry, we just have too many pretty summer clothes left from your sister.  But, I have also discovered that you really do well on hot days with just a shirt and a cute cloth diaper cover.  Oh and we really have to size up for you to wear shorts with cloth diapers, I don't think shorts are meant for bubble butts.

Diapers:  Out of disposables, we have not used those in almost a month and your tushie is looking fabulous.  In cloth diapers you have outgrown all newborn diapers and a good amount of smalls.  I still think that Bumgenius diapers look ridiculous on you but I am double stuffing them at night anyhow, only that that works for my heavy wetter.  Yes, you are still peeing and pooping in the potty when I take you.  Of course you still go in your diaper, but hey it is a neat little trick that is keeping your sensitive tushie free and clear of any rash (along with Northern Essence Better Butter cream and diaper rash salve as needed)

Crib:  You are working your way into sleeping more and more in your crib.  I am hopeful however I am not going to write about this because I am afraid of jinxing myself.  I am going to give it 2 weeks and then share details.  I did get you this very, very cool musical projector thing that has helped you transition to the crib.  I am trying to get you to take naps in the crib and today you slept in it for 45 minutes in a sleep sack, unswaddled!!  At night, you are still being swaddled.

Favorites:  You love Elmo that sings "E L M O" and the leapfrog learn and groove table.  As we speak you are playing with your crinkly butterfly and kicking the table with your feet to play the music.  Speaking of music, you love music by Laura Story.   You will stop crying for her song "Blessed" and if we run the faucet.

You are rolling, rolling, rolling all over the place.  You are also trying to crawl.  This is around the time that your sister started this and she was mobile one day shy of 6 months!  I am trying to distract you from the idea of crawling, I dread putting the baby gates up with Celia hear.  I can just hear it now "I can't get out".   You are just about sitting on your own too, however you keep pushing your back, backward.  You love to stand with help of course and your little legs are getting stronger (chubbier too).  You are laughing easier, and easier- especialy for your sister.   Except for crying, you are not making a huge amount of noise.  I would love to hear more and more babbling and cooing.  We had that a couple months ago but now you are focused on moving.   We do still hear screeching, ma ma ma, and some other sounds on occassion.  Oh and I think you fake cough sometimes.

This month you will likely start some tastes of solids, oatmeal will be your first taste and then likely avocado.  You are still taking prilosec and I am torn as to if that is really what is making your slightly less fussy, you really do still have your moments.  But... we will try it a few more weeks.

almost sitting on her own

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