Friday, May 20, 2011

My Little Artist

Celia has started taking an interest in drawing more and more.  I love this because it is an easy way to entertain her.  She is also getting really great in handwriting.  Basically she can write most all letters except for the very hard ones, S, Y, and Z are giving her issues.  Of course this all depends on her mood.  We still like to build mat man and now she is drawing him, and adding details.  Celia really likes to send mail to her Aunt Susie and her Grandparents.  Yes, Aunt Vickie and Mom Mom, I will try to get you included in her correspondence!

See the small CELIA on the first one, she did that all by herself.  We tried to right very, very, tiny.  Julie- that is advanced, right???  Do you notice the bow in the second picture. 

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