Saturday, May 21, 2011

Audrey's new things

I think this is sort of her mad face, she started doing it last week and it was related to when she was mad at times.  However she does it at other times and breathes heavily while doing it.

For those of you that know the layout of my house, you will really understand this.  We came home from the library on Thursday and I set Audrey down near our coffee table, on the side closest to the front door.  I started making lunch for Celia and turned around to find Audrey in the pantry area right near the kitchen.  She rolled to get there, she rolls on our hard floor!  She doesn't seem to mind it, but I would think it hurts.  So now the basement door is closed since she really can roll to get to anywhere.  She is close to crawling but honestly she doesn't work on it a huge amount because she often cries if she is put down!  She is getting better though, a few days ago she actualy played with her toys for 20 to 30 min, while I was cleaning and not in the room the whole time!

She is doing a very good job sitting up.  She does topple over sometimes, so I just have to protect the area.  See Elmo in the background, besides Celia, he is her best buddy.  She smiles at him and flirts with him in the morning.  Honestly, she adores him.

Sleep.... well we have gone downhill again in that area.  Ugh...  I could blame it on a decrease in reflux meds, I wish it was that simple however this decline started prior to the decrease and she shows no signs of pain, she wants to eat.  It is not as bad as a month ago, nowhere near.  But some nights she is up every 2 hrs.  She could be going through a growth spurt as she is so hungry at some points.  I went in there one time and I swore her little tummy growled, it was making some kind of noise.  So perhaps she is truely hungry!!  She also does not necessarily nurse herself to sleep.  It will get better!!  Food was a no go.  We tried it for a week and she was ultra, ultra fussy.  We even tried avocado and she hated it.  So we decided to give it a break and try again maybe sometime next week.  But she was a complete wreck on the days that I gave her food!

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Vickie said...

Okay I want a copy of that mad face picture!!!!!