Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swim Class

Celia was over the top excited for her swim class.  I thought that would allow us to get out of the house on time, wrong.  Celia, get on your flip flops.  Okay Mommy, so we can go.  Yes, Celia.  I go back to changing Audrey's diaper and look up at Celia who is hanging out in her toy area withou the flip flops.  Celia, you need to get your flip flops on.  Oh, you mean now.  I give her "that" look and she goes to get on her flip flops.  I think we are good.  I tell her that I am going to put Audrey in her carseat and to come out when she has them on.  Audrey is all belted in, but where is Celia?  We wait, and wait, and wait.  I go to check, she is playing.  Celia, we are late, come on.  Oh, it's time!!  She gets all excited.  Yes, get in the car!!!  Drive at granny speed due to the delivery truck in front of us that basically goes all the way to the fitness center.  Ugh.. We get there 5 min. late and Celia announces that she definately has to use the bathroom.  Okay... do that, as she has to notice and talk about everything we are seeing.  It was her first time in a ladies locker room, yes imagine those questions. 

Then we finally get to the lesson.  She does awesome except she does not stop talking.  She is one of two kids in the lesson, not bad for $10 a lesson!!  The instructor seemed good, I guess I am an okay judge as I was a competitive swimmer for many years.  She even had them go under water and Celia was great.

Now my overtired 3 yearold had a complete meltdown as we left the center.  She did not want to leave.  She screamed for about 5 min of the ride home and then just fell asleep, basically mid scream.  She awoke when I got home and did not nap, we did have quiet time though. She did act like an overtired hyper nut the rest of the evening.

Seriously, if someone dove in that thing they really should not be surprised by an injury!

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