Monday, March 7, 2011

New Haircut, Giggling, Etc

Getting to the computer for more then a few minutes at a time is very hard lately.  Our laptop has been down for awhile and that is what I used to use.  So when I was nursing Audrey or just holding her (always holding her!!) I could use the internet.  It was my little bit of stress relief/ my own entertainment during the day!  So the blog has not been updated that frequently due to this situation.  At the moment Audrey is actualy sleeping in her swing, a rare moment.  I should be sleeping too but it is a toss up sometimes, actualy get something done or get sleep.  Having a high maintenance baby is tiring and although I do have fun with her, I can't get very much done.  I never thought that at 3 months plus, I would still be living in a haze of sleep deprivation most days.  But it will not last forever, there is no way.  She is cute, very cute, and her response to your voice or actions is awesome.  She has started giggling for me, yes only for me.  Honestly Pete is the more animated one most of the time so I would have thought it would have been for him, but I guess that is my little gift. 

Last week I got Celia's haircut, it is shorter then she has been wearing it but looks a lot better.  I don't like curly hair.  It looks adorable when styled right but it is a pain to style right, it frizzes, gets in knots, etc.  Audrey looks like she is likely going to have the curls too, it curls when it is wet.

Talking on the phone with her baby doll in the moby wrap.  I think she was talking to my Mom.

Playing with ice.  She likes to transfer them between two bowls.  We also practiced melting them, etc.

Believe it or not, but Celia took this picture of Audrey- isn't it awesome!!

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