Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun with the mirror and Celisms


"I demand" she said that one night at dinner when she was requesting something, I think it was tomatoes or something like that.

Me:  "Let's go in the living room so I can keep an eye on Audrey"
Celia:  "Oh no Mommy, don't take your eye off and put it on Audrey"

This past weekend she wasn't paying attention and walked into Pete's car door but only because "Daddy opened the car too wide"
This morning I took her to school and after I opened the door "See, you know how to open the door so I don't get hurt"

Celia:  "Mommy, I think I have decided that when I grow up I want to be a fairy"
Me:  "You can be what ever you want Cealy, what kind of fairy"
Celia:  "The red one, like iradessa (I have no clue who that is)"
Me:  "Okay, well are you still going to be a Mommy (that is what she previously wanted to do when she grew up"
Celia:  "No, of course not, that would be silly"
Me thinking and being a fairy would not...

I let her pick out her outfit today...  Leopard print dress, white shirt, sunglasses, flower headband (but left at home), navy polka dot tights.  She looked stunning.  Somehow she was planning on mixing a flowered short sleeve shirt into the mix but decided against it.

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Vickie said...

I LOVE her fashion sense . .kind of reminds me of someone who used to insist on wearing bright red knee high socks in the dead of summer! :-) Love the pictures will talk soon . .just received a progress report from Katie's IEP. Hope you are hanging in there.