Monday, March 21, 2011


Audrey is in my Sleepy Wrap, resting her head on my shoulder but not asleep, almost though.  We are both exhausted I think.  Saturday night she was up basically every hour, wanting to be held or to nurse.  The nursing part is not common for her, typically for some reason she is disinterested in nursing until around 3 am.   Last night was worse!  She was up every hour from 9 to 1 am and then up every 20 to 40 min. from then on.  Yesterday she took a broken up 40 min. nap in the morning, a 90 min. nap with Pete, and likely a 20 min. nap in the evening.  That really isn't that much for a not quite 4 month old who had a very rough night's sleep.  Today she is fussy and has no clue what to do with herself.  I have been trying to push her to sleep in the crib but today I am so fried.  I think it is a growth spurt, hoping that is what it is and that we aren't starting a decline in sleep because quite honestly a decline will just mean I need to stay up 24 hrs at this point.

Yesterday I decided to do something for me for a change and I left during Celia's nap, and during Audrey's 90 min. nap to go shopping.  I had a Kohls giftcard and a $10 coupon that was going to expire.  I also had a DSW gift card and two big coupons.  So in less then 3 hrs I went to Kohls, DSW, Walgreens, and Giant.  I should have taken a nap!!!  Pete survived and even emptied the dishwasher, that is a hard task with one hand (Audrey in the other hand).

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aunt susie said...

girl, you need to do more of that! or just sandwich your head between two pillows and SLEEP while pete mans the babies. i'm sending prayers your way, wish i could help, i'd babysit if i lived closer! hang in there.