Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Smart Girls

I am going to post a video of Audrey playing "sleep" and "wake up".  It is long and I don't have the energy to edit it down to a short clip, but I know that the Grandparents will not mind the length!!

In anycase, Celia and I have been working on her reading skills when she feels like it, so not that often.  She amazes me.  She now can read the at family fairly consistently.  She knows all her letter sounds, upper and letter case letters, can rhyme, and can match pictures to the sounds that they start with.  She is certainly ready for reading even if she is just 3.  She is also making progress with handwriting, again, when she wants to.

Today she read the words, spelled them, then I wrote them and she traced.  She then wanted to write a Thank You note to Amber and I told her the letters to write, she only needed help with the upper part of the Y and the U!  She also asked me how to spell butt.... I made her sound it out. 

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