Friday, March 25, 2011

4 months

My sweet little baby, you were 4 months old yesterday.  It feels like 4 months, I can't lie about that.  I haven't blinked my eye and seen you grow overnight, it has been rough.  100% worth it rough but likely one of the more difficult experiences I have had!  But, see those sweet photos, you only do that for me.  You look at me like I am the most amazing person on earth and you let me know that all of this is worth it.

So the stats:

Weight 12.7 oz (20%!)
Height: 24.5 inches (75% but.. she was uncooperative and it looks to be about an inch or so more then what she actualy is!)
Head 16.5- (90%- blame that one on your Daddy)

What you are wearing:  0 to 3 month clothes are still fitting you but I am putting some 3 to 6 month onesies and outfits in the mix.  With the cloth diaper, some 3 to 6 month pants fit better. 
Diapers- we are officialy out of all newborn cloth diapers, okay the prefolds still fit but they I think are more infant prefolds then newborn.  Mommy is in love with Best Bottom diapers and thinking about making them more of a part of our huge, huge, amount of cloth diapers!!  I see a craigslist sale needed in the near furture (for those of you that don't know, amazingly cloth diapers hold there value- sometimes up to 80% even used).  As far as disposables, you are size 1 for the overnight ones however... we are looking for an overnight cloth diaper solution as your bottom just can't take it anymore.

What you are doing:  Sayin :"who, ho, who, ho", giggling, smiling more and more at your big sis, rolling from tummy to back, rolled a few times from back to tummy, holding your head up very well, enjoying your tummy time if Mommy or big sis is right there, enjoying your bouncy seat a bit more.  You are still sleeping with Mommy and that seems to be how you sleep the best for now. 

You are still fussy when you are not held and sometimes when you are held!  At the same time, you smile a ton and look for social interaction, you are a flirt!  The doctor thinks that your fussiness is still reflux so we are going to give prilosec a try and see what happens!  Mommy is not really convinced.  We also have a prescription for the stupid rash that the disposable diaper at night is giving you and Mommy will try to figure out a fluffy night diaper that will last.

A weird thing that you do now is pee in the toilet a few times a day and for the past few days- poop in the potty.  Yes, crazy but Mommy has found if she holds you over the toilet, you go.  So why not!!  Your big sister thinks that this means that you potty training!  I don't think so, but it saves some diaper changes and helps your very sensitive skin heal.

Oh, and you like the show Wipe Out.  We don't encourage tv at any age but one night Mommy and Daddy found that you were strangely calmed by watching Wipe Out!  You love, love, love the sleepy wrap and get excited when you see it.  Mommy wears you in that where ever we go.  This past month we have been to Longwood a few times, to the library, lancaster to see your Aunt Susie and Cousin Cole, and the mall (along with the grocery store, etc).

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