Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am not in love with today

So... I am just not in love with today.  I am trying not to be so pessimisitic, trying to think of the good things that happen lately... but not so much today.

Audrey woke up a lot last night, I mean it seemed like the minute I drifted off she was waking up.
Her diaper rash was not better, which I had hoped.  I found out what it really means to have a baby with a probable yeast diaper rash and cloth diaper.  I am currently treating my cloth diapers and Audrey is bottomless- yep bare butt.   I also found out that the prescription cream that the doctor gave me is not all that reliable in treating said yeast infection and the all natural stuff that a lot of people rave about that worked with Celia likely won't come in the mail for another day or so.

So... in the process of treating the cloth diapers I had to use a bleach wash.  I took off my shirt, as I know that I always, always get bleach on my clothes.  I washed my hands afterward, made sure everything was dry, etc.  Somehow I missed something because when I put my favorite gray sweater back on, my absolute favorite, bleach got on it. Ruined...

Nothing every comes of a 3 year old saying "now Mommy, don't be mad".  Nothing, imagine 1/2 a container of sprinkles on a floor that you just vaccuumed and mopped the day before..

Audrey has been crying screaming it seems like all day long. 

We are picking up our neighbor from the bus stop today and she is coming over and Celia has been asking me since 6:30 am if it is time to go, every 10 min.  She tried to say she was finished with her nap after being up there 2 min.  She did end up taking a 90 min. nap, not her usual 2 hours but a good nap, if she napped that along.

I mistakenly thought that Celia could help me clean out the hall closet.  I didn't get downstairs prior to her starting to "clean out the hall closet".  It is fun cleaning up a spilled recycle bin and a pile of winter gear that she dug out. 

Did I mention I am tired??


We made Snickerdoodles that taste yummy and Celia did a great job of helping.
Audrey has not peed yet on me (remember bare butt)
Amber is coming over and that means she will entertain Celia
Pete fixed the wobbly wheel on the double stroller and the big box is now out of the living room
Audrey can do "So Big" (see previous post)
And I guess that after all these months, sleep is just a luxury anyhow!

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