Monday, February 28, 2011

3 months

Audrey turned three months this past Thursday.  We celebrated with getting her Prevnar shot!  She had fun with a slight fever, body aches, and a lovely red rash!  By Saturday she was back to her typical self though.

Not a fan of getting your nails clipped- which Daddy is a pro at.

So what are you up to?
You are getting better control of your head and letting Mommy put you on your tummy more and more.  You have rolled over many times from tummy to back however you have to get yourself in the perfect position to do it.  So we won't consider it mastered yet!

You have a wonderful smile and love to "talk" with people rather then play with your toys.  You have taken an interest in mirrors lately, you are impressed with your own cuteness evidently.

You are still small compared to other 3 monthers, but I don't know your weight.  I am guessing 10 1/2 lbs. For your one disposable a day, you wear a size 1 diaper and it is slightly big (you have a tiny tushy).  In your cloth diapers you have grown out of your preemie prefolds and covers and some of your smallest newborn fitted diapers.  For the most part though you are doing fine in newborn or small cloth diapers. 

In clothes you are primarily wearing 0 to 3 month clothes with some 3 month clothes thrown in.  Mommy is confused by baby clothes though.  The sizing is nuts.  Oh but watch it, Mommy is also getting bored of your 0 to 3 month clothes so she might she move you up anyhow!!

You have started slowly, very, very, very slowly sleeping beside Mommy at night rather then on top of her.  This is awesome.  Maybe you will actualy get to your crib some day.  Next week, Mommy is going to start trying to put you in your crib.  You are rejecting your swing lately and I am not sure why.  Mommy is still only getting a few hours of sleep on most nights, with some hopeful better nights thrown in there!

You have developed some slight stranger awareness when other people hold you.  You also laughed for the first time this month, that was amazing.  You like to be dipped in someones arms up and down, that makes you grin ear to ear.  You took your first trip to Virginia this month and were a very good girl on the way back home, not so much the ride down.  You love to listen to Mom Mom's "La, la, la" singing.  You met your cousin Katie and Emmett on the trip and we also said Goodbye to them.  They are moving even farther away.

You love your big sister and that is very evident but you are also a bit hesitant with her sometimes, I would say that is a good thing!  She means well, but isn't all that gentle...

Okay baby girl..  May your 4th month post read "She is sleeping well and fussing less!"

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