Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Goals

You can read what I wrote last year here

Some people make goals for the New Year and some people don't.  I tried to last year and I accomplished part of them I suppose.  I can't say that I am really dissapointed though that I didn't accomplish everything.  It has been a very hard year for us so I think that I can cut myself a break.

But I suppose that goals for this year will be simple and if I don't accomplish them again, it is fine.  They are just things to think about. 

I want to find something that I can do for myself on some weekends.  I am not going to coach for team in training anymore and so I have my weekends free.  That is weird, after all these years.  I took off this season and was only going to do the Summer team that trains from Feb to late June but they eliminated the walk team.  So getting the house in shape and a variety of things.  But I need to find some weekends in which I take a Sat. and just dissappear for awhile, either going out for a 15 mile or more walk or doing something else. 

I want to learn to knit and make one item

I want to go on more dates with Pete (I am not setting a number this time!)

I want to finally find a way to organize my house to my liking- okay, I am even laughing about that, not going to happen, but going to give it a try!!!

I am sure that other things will pop up in my head but for now that is it.  I could include something to do with Celia but for now I think that things are good with us.  I spend as much time as I can with her.  We bake, play, and veg together.  I of course would love to find more activities to do with her but at this age, I think it is just important to spend time with them.  Unfortunately I am gone during the day but I try to make up for it at other times!!!

What am I hopeful for?  Things are of course promising.  I am looking forward to seeing Celia grow even more.  We are looking forward to meeting a new niece or nephew (Pete's sister) in June.  2010 has to be better then 2009, I know it will be.

So what are your hopes or ambitions for 2010?

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