Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celias 2009

January 2009- It started with RSV!  You were so very sick.

February 2009- Your sense of humor is really getting to be fun! 

March 2009- Your first haircut, you didn't like it. 

April 2009- A trip to Longwood and you are potty trained at home (you did this yourself!)

May 2009- My little chatterbox, is showing some "two" behaviors

June 2009- Can you see the "tude" in the picture.  You are two, even though your birthday hasn't arrived yet, you are two!  But you are so much fun.  We were so sad to say Goodbye to your first teacher Miss. Jen at the end of the month!  But Mommy was happy to have you for the summer!!

July 2009-  We spent alot of time walking outside looking for bunnies.  Oh we also went on long walks with the BOB.  But you loved to sit out on our stoop early in the morning and look for your bunnies. Oh we also had a great time with a visit from cousin Katie!!

August 2009- Our trip to the Outerbanks.  You were watching Daddy fish.  You were not a fan of the water, but you will be when you are older- it is in your blood!  You had a great time with Mom Mom and you also had fun with your cousins in Virginia. 

September 2009-  Happy Birthday my sweet girl, you turned 2.  I couldn't believe it.  I also couldn't believe the summer was done and we were parting ways yet again.

October 2009- Halloween was fun with you this year.  The weather was yucky- humid and rainy at the end.  But you had so much fun.

November 2009- I didn't have any true Thanksgiving pictures of you, but this one is so funny.  We are having fun with you but you are trying us.  Your speech is absolutely amazing!!

December 2009- This Christmas was fun.  You had a blast with your Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, and Paw Paw in Lancaster.  You then had an amazing time with Mom Mom, your cousins, and Aunt Vickie and Uncle Jack in Virginia.  You really love playing with your cousin Katie and despite the age difference, Katie enjoys playing with you too!!  I hope that continues.  You like Emmett too, but Katie is just too interesting right now.  Plus you think you are 6. 

What a year sweet girl!!

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Patricia said...

Yes it was an amazing year. The year went so fast. Of course, we all ended 2009 with the stomach bug - not a good thing, but better than beginning the year with the stomach bug. You are learning so much so fast - slow down so we all can enjoy your progress.

Love you Mom Mom