Friday, January 1, 2010

Two Week Menu

Okay here is my first Two Week Menu for 2010

Sat- Chicken Soup (I hate canned chicken soup with a passion, but homemade is okay- we are still in recovery, even Celia's appetite isn't 100%)
Sun- Salsa Chicken
Mon- Potpie (in freezer)
Tues- Pork Tenderloin- going to decide on the marinade, that day
Wed- Spaghetti
Thurs- Leftovers
Fri- Eggs and Toast
Sat- out/ order in/

Sun- Blue Cheese and Cherry Meatloaf (I made this on Christmas eve and it was so yummy)
Mon- Pork Chops- with a Jam and balsamic vinegar marinade
Wed- Plum Island Clam chowder(in freezer)
Thurs- Leftovers
Frid- Calzones (in freezer)
Sat- Perogies/Out

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