Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolution to Swim in the Water and not Drown

So it is the New Year and typically I do not set New Year's Resolutions, personally I don't like them. One of the reasons that I don't like them is that every year when I started high school swimming season they asked us to write our goals for the season. I viewed this as the same thing as a New Years goals. We had to put a time on it for a particular event, etc. I hated that. I don't know why because quite honestly I never had a huge committment to my highschool team as I also swam for a YMCA team almost year round and a summer team. Perhaps I was bitter about it because I don't think I enjoyed the highschool team. Practice was at 5 am, yes that is right. Getting up at 5 am in highschool isn't exactly what I considered fun. Luckily since I also swam for another team, I only had to go 1 or 2x a week. But swimming is what I did and I did/do love it, just not that particular team. In anycase I also became a little more ticked off when they gave us our little pieces of paper to write our goals down and 90% of the swimmers started writing immediately. I always, thought, what the heck?? Have they thought about this all day. Of course I did always enjoy the random person near me who quickly wrote swim in the water and not drown.

So I have thought about it and I think that one of my goals is going to be to Swim in the Water and not Drown. It has alot of meaning if you think about it. Basically I am viewing it as getting through life day by day and not letting the little (or big) things get you down. My husband needs to think about that perhaps, okay alot of people need to work on that. It isn't easy. Right now I am dealing with an unknown that I am trying to just relax about and not let me get it down. My school, okay only my wing, has been severely damaged by a water pipe that burst. We are off next week and the damage to my materials is unknown at this time. I know some of the things are lost, I know that some of the materials that I have created in the past are destroyed. Nothing I can do about it. I also know that my classroom was the least damaged in that hallway so I am glad about that. I know that getting things back together is going to be hard. I also know that I may not have any days off the rest of the year, again nothing I can do. So I will wait and see.

Okay so typically I should tell you that if someone asks me for New Years Resolutions I give the following type of responses-

Eat less chocolate
Eat healthy
Exercise alot
Drink less beer

Okay, sounds reasonable except the humor in this is that I don't like chocolate, I am a health nut, I am a marathon team coach, and I hate beer with a passion.

So here we go with some New Year's plans- I say plans and not goals because I am not going to stress if these things don't happen.

Update my blog more frequently
Watch Less TV (which I am proud of the fact that I have been doing this for awhile)
Take 30 min. for myself daily
Use my crockpot at least 5x a month
Buy new black shoes- I should take a picture and you will understand, I hate buying shoes
Spend 1 day a week staying late at work so that I don't have to bring work home
Spend less on Groceries
Exercise more- okay, I do exercise but not as much as I used to and I miss it
Praise my dear hubby more
Go on 12 dates with my hubby without Celia, can be at home when she is asleep or out
Complete 1 home repair a month

So leave some comments about your New Year's Resolutions.

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Sara, Dan, & Maggie Daley said...

I too, hate the New Year's resolution. Mostly, because I lack any semblance of will power, and usually don't get past January 15th...
I've decided on RULES. I am a very black and white kind of girl. Plus, I'm kind of a goody two shoes. So the term RULES makes sense to me, and I'm more likely not to break the rules. (Because I might get detention or something).
So my new rule is, take time for myself and not feel guilty about it. I have spent the last 8 months worrying about everyone else: the baby, my job, my husband, etc. So 2009 is officially The Year of The Sara around here.
I am heading to the Y this afternoon to rejoin. I will find 4 hours each week to go there, and take out my frustrations on the eliptical machine. Not because of my health, though that is important. But because I need to feel good about myself again.
(Wow, I should just cut and paste this and post it on my blog!)
Happy 2009!